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Soren DeOrlow is an advocate and champion for the power of design in solving complex problems. At Resonance Partners, Soren works with large organizations to instill Design Thinking as an internal capability and in practice, to solve innovation challenges. Central to this work is deep collaboration with diverse stakeholders and a process of designing with users to unearth rich opportunities. A core tenet of Design Thinking is tangibility and the process of building to think. Resonance Partners works with hospitals and healthcare companies to harness the power of tangibility to deliver value to customers faster. This approach involves prototyping within the clinical context and engaging the broader care team. Soren’s experience extends internationally as he has overseen design programs in Asia and Europe. This global view has given him an understanding for how to implement a design strategy across a wide variety of cultures and markets. Before founding Resonance Partners, Soren spent 10 years at IDEO San Francisco, where his energy was focused on designing at the confluence of healthcare and financial wellbeing, where difficult decisions often lie. Soren has consulted with a variety of clients including Genentech, Cleveland Clinic, Samsung, Wells Fargo, J&J and Visa. In addition, Soren has helped clients innovate across a broad range of industries such as consumer products, retail, entertainment, hospitality and food & beverage. Soren’s award-winning work has received a number of patents. Soren loves physical movement, particularly of the crossfit variety, enjoys playing hockey, but has all his teeth, and tries to visit Squaw Valley to snowboard as much as possible. Soren lives in San Francisco and takes the the trolley to the office every day.

Title: Director of Design Strategy

Company/Affiliation: Resonance Partners

Industry: Consulting


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