*Scott Stropkay
Founding Partner, Essential
Workshop Presentation
Saturday, Sept 29, 2012: 4:50 PM – 6:20 PM – LK120

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*Presenting Speaker

Essential’s work with assisting in the design of both physical products and interpreting technologies for specific end-user populations has helped clients like WellDoc, MeYou Health, Genzyme, Under Armour, iRobot, Genentech, Phillips and others innovate in really powerful ways.

A unique design thinking process called “Opportunity Mapping” — what you develop and the way you deliver it, integrating all stakeholders in the process – is essential in creating easy, appropriate access to a personalized healthcare experience and the devices and technology that support it.

Stropkay will share processes and results of Essential’s access-design projects for medical device and interactive service-delivery companies; bridging gaps between the research and the delivery of innovative healthcare ideas. Client case studies informing this process will include robotics telepresence developers, drug delivery systems, diabetes management providers, and health and wellness gamification.

Scott will address design process questions; getting to the right questions, using co-creation tools to elicit deep understanding, iterative prototyping, and discuss development challenges through case-studies – illustrating how this approach works and will become more critical in the years to come.

Opportunity mapping and design research is the process in which these tools are used. These are not the tools or processes of Market research. This is critical to appreciate.

Opportunity Mapping is a process that has been used with Fortune 500 companies across many industries and at Conferences such as the Haas Business of Health Care and Duke HIMS program to help teams imagine ideal futures, ideal medical outcomes and ideal ways to access them.

This workshop will teach and  demonstrate take-aways and tools that allow stakeholders to  articulate needs, goals and desires that extend far beyond product and service “requirements”. Participants will gain mastery in tools to define brainstorming topics to force the process to a higher-level conversation about access methods, features, interface personality, etc.

Scott will address the design early phase of thinking; how to look at problems before the prototype appears, the challenges at each step and showcase examples of how this is working and where this approach is most critical over the next few years – and engage participants in how to do this in their own organizations.

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