Julie Flygare, JD, founder of Project Sleep and ePatient scholar delivers an Ignite! talk on the 2015 Medicine X main stage.

The Program at a Glance (FAQs)

The Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar program is both a chance to attend the 3-day conference, and an opportunity for learning and growth as an ePatient, providing both educational opportunities and project-based learning throughout 2017. Emily Bradley, a 2013 and 2014 ePatient Scholar summed it up best, “The Medicine X ePatient Scholar Program gave me an opportunity that allowed me to grow as a person and patient, both personally and professionally, in a way that has shaped my entire life.  Medicine X, the people I met, stories I heard, knowledge I gained, and the ideas that were shared changed the way I live my life; it is far more than a 3-day event.


What is Medicine X?
Medicine X is a non-profit, academic conference held each September on the Stanford University campus. It is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and emerging technologies. Our next Medicine X conference will be held September 15-17, 2017.

What is the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship program?
The Medicine X ePatient Scholarship program will provide up to 35 spots for ePatients to attend Medicine X at Stanford, September15-17, 2017. Full and partial scholarships are awarded based on applicants’ merit and are allocated to maximize impact with consideration given to financial need.

What is an ePatient? Am I an ePatient?
According to the website e-Patients.net: “Tom Ferguson coined the term e-patients to describe individuals who are equipped, enabled, empowered and engaged in their health and health care decisions. He envisioned health care as an equal partnership between e-patients and health professionals and systems that support them. Before Tom’s untimely death in 2006, he was writing the White Paper (PDF) in consultation with the group of advisors he dubbed the e-Patient Scholars Working Group.”

scholar (schol·ar, /’skälər/): 1. A specialist in a particular branch of study, esp. the humanities; a distinguished academic: “a Hebrew scholar”. 2. A person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study.

ePatient scholar (e·pa·tient schol·ar, /e‘pāSHənt ’skälər/): 1. A specialist and expert who is highly educated in his or her own medical conditions and who uses information technologies (e.g., Internet tools, social networks, self-tracking tools) in managing their health, learning from and teaching others. 2. (Stanford Medicine X ePatient scholar) An educator and role model for other patients and health care stakeholders.

How can Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship recipients participate in the conference?
Applicants may apply to one or more tracks, and will be placed into the track that best fits their talents and goals, with applicants’ preference taken into consideration. The 35 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship slots are allocated for speakers (Storyteller & Presenter Track),  creative problem solvers in the IDEO Design Challenge (Design Track), entrepreneurially-minded (Entreprenership Track) and those interested in partnering with research organizations (Everyone Included Precision Medicine and Research Track). Conference participation is limited to one track per scholarship recipient, and one applicant can receive no more than one scholarship per year.

I have already received a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship in the past. Am I allowed to apply again?
Alumni of the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Program may apply for and receive scholarships in subsequent years. To encourage growth as an ePatient, they will be placed into a new track that they did not previously participate in.

What are the expectations and responsibilities of Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship recipients?
Selection as a Stanford Medicine X ePatient scholarship recipient confers certain expectations and responsibilities upon recipients. Complete conference attendance is expected, with scholarship recipients arriving on time and staying throughout the duration of the conference until closing remarks on Sunday, September 17, 2017. Scholarship recipients are tasked with using the knowledge and skills gained at Medicine X to advance their individual advocacy efforts. Scholarship recipients will receive a certificate of recognition for their attendance.

I’m a patient and I haven’t been to an academic conference before. Is Medicine X really an academic conference designed for everyone?
Absolutely. The atmosphere at Medicine X is unlike that of a traditional academic medical conference. Attendees from around the world and across the health care spectrum embrace patients as a nexus of innovation and inspiration to drive their work in patient care, technology development, education and research. Medicine X is founded on the belief that patients are some of the best and most underutilized experts in health care. Medicine X represents an opportunity to share the stories and lessons learned as patients, as people, and as partners in care.


Many of our past ePatient scholarship recipients shared their experience through the engagement track and published their experiences through social media on blogs and podcasts. Below is an assorted collection of these postings.

• Christopher Snider, Just Talking Podcast, with 2012 Scholarship recipients Cherise Shockley and Kim Vlasnik. Christopher also published a blog post of his experience.

• Please review these blog posts by ePatients about Stanford Medicine X 2015.

“Medicine X is what took me from being a patient involved in her own health to becoming an advocate for others. It was so inspiring and eye-opening—it was about possibilities and problem solving. Medicine X renews the sense of hope that we can restore the caring part of healthcare.” — Sarah E. Kucharski

“I had no idea what to expect upon walking into Medicine X. What I found was an environment that nurtured growth, sparked ingenuity and raucous debates, and propelled my advocacy efforts overnight. I was blown away by the connections and friends I made in a setting that felt less like a conference and more like summer camp.” — Britt J. Johnson


How much is registration if I don’t receive an ePatient Scholarship?
General registration for Medicine X begins at $1750, with discounts for academic researchers ($1000) and students ($500).

Note that in the application process, applicants complete both an application to a needs-blind, merit-based selection system as well as a separate financial assistance application. Applicants are tasked with determining and demonstrating their own financial need as evidenced by employment status, income, and other personal hardships. Financial need statements will be considered for the awarding of full and partial scholarships. Financial need does not affect an applicant’s merit-based application.

How much is registration if I am selected to receive an ePatient Scholarship?
A partial scholarship reduces the registration rate for the three day conference to $199.00. Full scholarship recipients are not required to pay a registration fee.

Why would you charge patients to attend Stanford Medicine X?
Medicine X is an academic non-profit conference—not a medical industry event or trade show. Operating funds are derived exclusively from registration fees, donations and grant income. Partial scholarship recipients receive all the knowledge, opportunities, and interaction afforded to full scholarship recipients; however, the awarding of partial scholarships allows Medicine X to extend financial assistance to the greatest number of patients possible.

Will I get paid a salary or honorarium to attend Medicine X?
No. Because Medicine X is an academic conference, most speakers pay registration fees to attend and present their work at our conference.

How much in out-of-pocket expenses should I budget to attend Medicine X?
Plan to cover transportation (airfare, rental car, gas, etc.) and at least three nights’ accommodations. Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the conference in full, arriving on time and staying until the conference closes the afternoon of Sunday, September 17, 2017. Reduced hotel rates are available, and rooming with another scholarship recipient is recommended to reduce costs. Breakfast and lunch are provided at the conference venue with reasonable accommodations made for dietary needs. Conference hotels are within walking distance of several restaurants and a grocery store. Additional consideration should be given to any lost wages from time taken off from work.

Are travel funds provided?
Scholarship recipients with financial need may be eligible for limited travel scholarship funds to facilitate their attendance at Medicine X. In the application process, applicants complete both an application to a needs-blind, merit-based selection system as well as a separate financial assistance application. Applicants are tasked with determining and demonstrating their own financial need as evidenced by employment status, income, and other personal hardships. Financial need statements will be considered both for the awarding of full and partial scholarships and the awarding of travel scholarships. Financial need does not affect an applicant’s merit-based application.


How can I apply for a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship? Please refer to our Program Overview for the deadlines for each track. Awards will be announced by the end of June 2017. Please sign up for the Medicine X email list to be notified when scholarship applications become available online.

I’m a student/resident/researcher: Can I apply for the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship?
Unfortunately you may not apply for an ePatient scholarship. Only ePatients may apply for the ePatient Scholarship Program. Medicine X provides discounted registration rates for academic researchers and students.

How are Stanford Medicine X ePatient scholarship recipients selected?
Successful applicants demonstrate a history of patient engagement, community outreach and advocacy. Preference is given to individuals using emerging technologies and social media such as blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook. In the application process, applicants complete both an application to a needs-blind, merit-based selection system as well as a separate financial assistance application. The 2017 Medicine X ePatient Advisory Board reviews all applications, narrows the field of applicants by merit, ranks applicants, and conducts short live video based interviews of finalists. Only after this initial ranking process are financial need statements considered. The most highly-ranked applicants receive priority consideration for financial assistance. All final decisions are made by the conference director.

Selection Process and Waitlisting
Applicants will submit their completed applications no later than the deadlines stated below with no exceptions or extensions granted. Applications will then be reviewed by members of the ePatient Advisory Board, and ranked according to the above selection criteria. Applicants will then be placed in tracks according to both their preference and the track the Board feels most suits the applicant.

Applicants will be narrowed to a field of finalists, at which time they will be notified and asked to schedule a live 10-15 minute video interview via Google Hangout or Skype. Scholarship offers will then be made to qualified applicants, no later than by June 2016. Applicants will have 5 days to review and accept their scholarship offer. If an applicant does not reply in the allotted time, their scholarship offer will be forfeited.

Those not accepted to the final Scholarship positions will be waitlisted for 2017. Waitlisted applicants may be offered a Program position at any time prior to the conference in the event that another Delegate is unable to attend, however, if a waitlisted Delegate is accepted into the Program late in the process, he or she may have limited access to travel and accommodations awards.

Is financial need considered during the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship selection process?
Yes and no. Applications are first evaluated on merit alone. Once the list is reduced to the top qualifying applicants, and rankings are finalized, we will then consider financial need. Our aim is to provide sufficient support for the most highly-ranked ePatients to attend the conference under partial or full scholarships, but financial need will not influence the qualifications of an ePatient Scholarship applicant.

ePatients applications for the Everyone Included™ Track are now closed.

Applications were open from April 18-May 16, 2017.

The Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar program is both a chance to attend the 3-day academic conference, and an opportunity for learning and growth as an ePatient, providing both educational opportunities and project-based learning throughout 2017.

Applications for the Everyone Included™ Track under the Emerging Leaders Program are now closed.  

Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarships Overview

Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and emerging technologies. Up to 35 ePatient Scholarships are available to the 2017 Medicine X conference, held September 15-17, 2017 on the Stanford University campus.

Full and partial scholarships covering conference registration fees will be awarded, based on merit and with consideration given to applicants’ financial needs. Applicants also may apply for limited travel scholarship funds.

All scholarship recipients will be notified no later than the end of June 2017.

Scholarship applicants may apply to any of the following tracks:

  1. Storyteller Track (Open January 9–Close January 31, 2017)
  2. Presenter Track (Open January 9–Close January 31, 2017)
  3. Design Track (Open January 9–Close January 31, 2017)
  4. Entrepreneurship Track (Open January 9–Close January 31, 2017)
  5. Everyone Included™ Precision Medicine and Research Track (Open January 9–Close January 31, 2017)
  6. The Everyone Included™ Track under the Emerging Leaders Program is now open! (Open April 18–Close May 16, 2017)

Storyteller Track

DescriptionHumans connect with one another through narrative. When one shares his or her experiences and feelings, one creates an opportunity for dialogue whether it be in concurrence or discord. The resulting exchange engages us to discover answers that standalone facts cannot illuminate — who, what, when, where, why, and how.

As a Medicine X Storyteller, ePatient delegates will be tasked with sharing not only their stories, but those of the Medicine X community. Before, during, and after the conference in September, delegates will work independently and in conjunction with Medicine X affiliates as members of a media corps. Delegates are to use traditional, digital, and emerging media tools to tell stories relevant to Medicine X’s audience.

ResponsibilitiesStorytellers accepted into the ePatient program will be responsible for producing a minimum of three pieces according to the following guidelines:

  • Print Media Article (min. 500 words)
  • Online Media Article (min. 750 words)
  • Podcast (30-60 minutes in length)
  • Music (min. 3-5 minute recording)
  • Digital Photography Display (20+ images, with extended captions)
  • Video (3-part series, 8-10 minutes each)
  • Other Visual Art (work and 300-400 word artist’s statement)

All projects are to be produced at the delegate’s own expense and using equipment the delegate owns or to which he or she may otherwise be permitted access. Please note that each proposed project must be submitted for review and approval before work on that project begins. Projects must demonstrate a commitment to creativity and excellence in order to satisfy ePatient scholarship program requirements. Applicants do not need to be professional journalists or artists in order to apply.

Presenter Track

Description: The purpose of the presenter track is to provide an opportunity for ePatients to attend and speak at the Stanford Medicine X conference. By providing a patient voice to the proceedings, scholarship recipients will help share and disseminate their knowledge to educate and inspire others.

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be asked to submit a speaking proposal that describes their story and what they would like to speak about. Patient talks in the presenter track will be five minutes in length and follow a pecha kucha/Ignite! format. Applicants will demonstrate an ability or potential for public speaking, and will be selected via a live video interview with ePatient Advisory Board members. Presentation coaches will be available to presenter track scholarship recipients to improve their presentations prior to the Medicine X conference. Talks should incorporate technology and social media, with potential topics being:

  1. On ePatients: What is an ePatient? What makes you an ePatient? What do ePatients bring to medicine?
  2. On Participatory Medicine: What does participatory care mean to you? How are you fostering your own model of participatory care? How does participatory medicine play in to the future?
  3. On Problem Solving: What hurdles have you encountered in achieving medical care or coping with your diagnosis? How did you overcome these hurdles? What advice do you have for others?
  4. On Caregiving: What is unique about being a caregiver? What does it mean to you to be an empowered and engaged caregiver? How are you caring for yourself while caring for another?

Design Track

Description: The Design Track provides an opportunity for ePatients and caregivers to serve as the inspiration for and nexus of a patient-centered design project. Successful applicants will work with a designer from IDEO, an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to solving problems. Scholarship recipients will be challenged to—in one day prior to the 3 day conference—brainstorm, innovate and create a solution to a self-identified problem using the collective knowledge and creativity of a team of fellow conference attendees. Those in the Design Track also will provide a patient voice to conference proceedings, while sharing and disseminating their knowledge to educate and inspire others.

Selection Criteria:  Successful applicants are those patients and caregivers who are passionate about collaborative design and solving health care problems. Applicants should have experience in managing a chronic disease and using technology to facilitate care. Successful applicants will articulate why their chronic medical problem needs creative problem solvers and design thinkers to improve their care and how their own skills will contribute to the overall experience.

Entrepreneurship Track

DescriptionJust as end users are uniquely equipped to discover a product’s design flaws, those who have experienced the medical system as a patient, caregiver or provider see opportunities for change — and a market. Drawing on the best traditions of Stanford — an incubator of Silicon Valley — Medicine X encourages combining personal experience with business acumen and innovation.

Medicine X has a history of inspiring new businesses and changing the marketplace. Steven Keating, a 2015 Medicine X ePatient, was named to Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 entrepreneurs fixing the health care system while researching the genome of his own brain tumor and pushing for patients to have greater data access to their own records. ePatient-in-Residence and MedX Executive Board Member Michael Seres’ health care technology company 11 Health launched the first-ever connected device and app to monitor ostomy pouch output.

Responsibilities: Entrepreneurship Track delegates will present a five-minute pitch of their self-created product, service or vision for improving healthcare Thursday, September 14, 2017 at Medicine X’s Health Care Innovation Summit. The event provides an opportunity to influence how health insurers, investors and other industry sectors spend healthcare dollars.

The five-minute pitch will take the form of an Ignite! talk, which relies on a clear and passionate message delivered in tandem with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. Scholarship recipients will receive coaching from Michael Seres to help develop their Ignite! pitch.

Delegates chosen for the track also will work with Michael to share business lessons learned with their fellow ePatients and develop resources to help ePatients wishing to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Everyone Included™ Precision Medicine and Research Track

DescriptionePatient Delegates in the Everyone Included™ Precision Medicine & Research Track will explore how personalized data influences heath care decision making and issues surrounding data collection and dissemination.

Selection Criteria: Applicants should demonstrate knowledgeable opinions about topics such as genomics, preventative medicine, informed consent, clinical trial participation, patient-led research, and medical ethics.

Responsibilities: ePatients accepted into the Precision Medicine & Research Track will author a working paper to stimulate discussion and elicit feedback on how personalized data influences heath care decision making — or — how patient partnership influences research data collection and dissemination.

Delegates are to partner with an advisor who has published work related to the ePatient’s focus area. Papers are to be prepared for general discussion and review at Medicine X 2017 in September. 

In the spirit of Everyone Included™, ePatients should partner with an advisor of their choosing in advance of submitting this application. Advisors’ names and credentials must be submitted as part of the application process. Working papers, traditionally published online, should be disseminated at minimum on the author’s own website.

In addition to authoring a white paper, ePatient Delegates will participate in a workshop on patient partnership in scientific research and contribute to Medicine X’s work creating Everyone Included™ principles for research and publishing.

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