CHANGE is a conference dedicated to helping you create the change you wish to see in health care.

Join us to learn how you can achieve your health care dreams by co-producing them together with Everyone Included™.

You will be inspired towards your next big idea. You can teach someone a key lesson that will transform their work (and yours). And you will find pathways to collaboration to help take your ideas off the drawing board and into the real world.

The World's Leading Patient-Centered Health Tech Conference

Conference Overview

CHANGE | September 20 to September 22, 2019

Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center, Stanford University

At Medicine X | CHANGE we will meet the innovators who are disrupting health care throughout the globe. We will see the emerging technologies of today and learn how they will impact the health care we deliver and receive tomorrow.

We will explore the drivers of change through organizational leadership and creative collaboration outside of health care’s traditional silos.

We will be inspired by moonshot thinking and learn how to grow pockets of excellence and innovation to large-scale change. We will experience empathy and compassion. We will gain an understanding of the problems that matter most in health care.

Be ready to use what you learn at Medicine X to create a shared vision of collaborative change and participatory medicine of tomorrow.

Everyone Included™ is a framework for health care innovation, implementation and transformation based on principles of mutual respect and inclusivity. It is a series of design and leadership principles intended to drive collaborative health care change efforts.

For one week in September, Northern California becomes home to the world’s premier gathering of patients, providers, researchers, designers and technologists who are leading disruptive CHANGE in health care.  Stanford Medicine X – an Everyone Included™ event is the most-discussed academic medical conference in the world.

Medicine X | CHANGE at a glance: The Conference Agenda


Learn about the urgent need to change our health care system. Frame the problems that matter most to the end-users of the health care system. Apply what you learn to the Medicine X grand educational challenge on COPD and practice implementing on a real-world problem.


Discover the wisdom gain by other health care changemakers in dozens of dynamic breakout sessions on change in health care. Get inspired by groundbreaking changemakers. Get woke to important ethical and technical issues facing health care today.


Unwrap insights about collaboration and co-production you only find from Everyone Included stakeholders at Medicine X. Unveil shared solutions from the grand challenge with Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and Ted Koppel on the main stage. Take home changemaking skills that will make you a more effective health care transformer.

Learn about CHANGE
Frame the problems
Apply what you learn
Discover wisdom
Get inspired by changemakers
Get woke
Learn from grand challenge
Take home changemaking skills
Unwrap insights about collaboration
The World's Leading Patient-Centered Health Tech Conference

main stage sessions

keynotes and master classes


Grace Anne Dorney KOPPEL

Grace Anne Dorney Koppel is an educator, a behavioral scientist, and practicing attorney who was diagnosed with COPD in 2001. At the time of her diagnosis she had just 26% lung function and was not expected to live more than a few years. Thanks to pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise and knowledge, “It’s now 18 years since I was diagnosed and I still breathe better now than I did then. Knowledge, adherence to medications, and exercise are powerful,” she says.

Grace Anne and Ted are passionate about raising COPD awareness to improve the quality of life for the hundred of millions worldwide who have COPD. Together they created the Dorney-Koppel Foundation and have co-funded 12 pulmonary rehabilitation clinics across the country.


Journalist Ted Koppel was the anchor and managing editor of ABC News’ Nightline for 26 years, becoming the longest-serving news anchor in U.S. broadcast history. When he left ABC News after 42 years, he was the most honored reporter in that network’s history. He has won every major news award multiple times, including one for lifetime achievement. Ted now serves as CBS Sunday Morning’s Senior Contributor, in which role he just won his 43rd Emmy.

CEO, Cambia Health Solutions
Will present a keynote on leading change in uncertain times.

Kristen HONEY, PHD
Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University will co-present the Everyone Included™ keynote plenary session

Chief Data Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services, will teach a Masterclass on using data to lead organizational change.

National Director for Patients, Carers and the Public in Research at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will co-present the Everyone Included™ keynote plenary session.

  • Lots of new ideas, contacts, access...I feel so motivated to become a better communicator and advocate and researcher.

    Caroline Polak Scowcroft Tropical North Queensland TAFE - Nursing
  • Best food at a conference. Ever.

    Margaret Polaneczky, MD Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • This was more than a conference. It was a convocation of folks who have diverse but common interests in advancing health care as a humanistic, inclusive, technology-infused, egalitarian process wherein the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Patricia Bach, RN, PsyD President, Psychologists in Long Term Care
  • Medicine X has changed how I view myself and healthcare forever!

    Jamia Crockett, MHA Manager of Community Benefits, Mary Washington Healthcare
  • This is the best organized conference I've attended in my life!

    Francisco Grajales Doctoral candidate, University of British Columbia
  • I won't just take information, ideas and contacts away with me–we are sharing them all online!  I expect the new ideas and contacts fostered here will continue to grow and be nurtured long after Medicine X.

    Louise Schaper, PhD CEO, Health Informatics Society of Australia
  • This conference has immediately inspired a change in career trajectory and lit a fire within me to learn how I can build and design patient-centered health care solutions.

    Matthew Krey GlaxoSmithKlein Future Leaders Program
  • Stanford Medicine X is a meeting to attend if you want to see the possible future of health and health care: patients, clinicians, designers, policy makers, and business leaders all learning together. 

    Susannah Fox Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • MedX has transformed "patient-centered" from a buzzword into a way of thinking and collaborating.

    Roni Zeiger, MD Co-founder and CEO, Smartpatients
  • By immersing myself in the Medicine X culture and vision of how design, research, and entrepreneurship can be integrated into technology, I was inspired to build 11health.

    Michael Seres Founder, 11health

high quality breakout sessions

hear from leading innovators and researchers from around the globe

After an extensive peer-review process, we are pleased to be offering high quality breakout sessions in three tracks this year. Sessions range from oral presentations, workshops and posters, in three different tracks (Teach me!, Inspire me!, and Collaborate with me!).

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The World's Leading Patient-Centered Health Tech Conference
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