Are you a health care changemaker? We want to see you at Medicine X | CHANGE 2019

Abstract submissions for the 2019 conference open Jan 1, 2019! Medicine X 2019 will be held September 20th-22nd on the Stanford University campus.

Gain support for your work, build an audience who will champion your ideas, and find partners who will help you realize your vision!

Stanford Medicine X | CHANGE is:

  • A limited-series event dedicated to the goal of empowering collaborative changemaking in health care
  • An Everyone Included™ initiative, where all stakeholders are respected and valued for the expertise that they bring.
  • An international community with delegates from around the world, and a global online viewership representing over 60 countries.
  • A premier venue to learn how to co-produce the change you want to see in health care!

This year, the conference will be held on the Stanford campus from September 20-22, 2019.

Please note that if you are selected as a presenter, you will be required to pay and register for the conference.

Abstract submissions for the 2019 conference are now closed.


A global platform to co-produce the change you want to see in health care

Stanford Medicine X is the leading patient-centered conference on emerging technology and medicine. Major media outlets that have covered Medicine X over the past three years include CNN, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, The Economist, Time Magazine, Wired Magazine, Popular Science, and TechCrunch. Stanford University’s Medicine X conference is a premier venue to present your work to the world.

Abstract submissions for presenters will open January 1, 2019. To inspire you to begin thinking about how you might add your voices to the conversation next fall, we are excited to provide some early information so you can begin working on proposals.

Areas of Focus

Medicine X | CHANGE broadly covers the areas of emerging technology and medicine, with a focus on the needs of end-users of health care–patients and caregivers. Some potential topic areas of interest for Medicine X | CHANGE include:

  • Everyone Included frameworks and co-production models in health care service design
  • Everyone Included frameworks and co-production models in medical research and publishing
  • Citizen science and new models in health care research and publishing
  • Patient advocacy issues relating to the larger health care system and what can be gain through collaboration.
  • Participatory medicine and the role of technology in empowering patient (and/or caregiver) engagement in a patient’s own health care
  • Innovation in health care and medical education
  • Innovative models of medical education, including data-driven models that allow for personalization.
  • Implementation science in health care
  • Health care quality improvement
  • Implementation science
  • Design-thinking around improving health
  • Digital health and emerging technologies
  • Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in health care
  • Original research on eHealth tools
  • 3D printing and medicine
  • Aging and technology
  • Blockchain and health care
  • Wearable computing technologies for health (e.g. wearable sensors for tracking health or heads-up information displays)
  • The role of digital health technologies and their effects on patients and health care professionals
  • Social/mobile technologies and their use in the areas of science, health, and medicine
  • Health information and content on the Internet
  • Collaboration using the Internet and the use of these technologies to change health care education, delivery, and practice
  • Personalized medicine and genomics
  • Digital identity, transparency and agency in health care
  • Cybersecurity, privacy and health care
  • Data, regulatory and ethical issues related to precision medicine and genomics research
  • Mental health
  • Digital divide in access to health information technology
  • Patient-centered outcomes research
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • Shared decision making in health care
  • Everyone Included frameworks and co-production methods to map unmet needs in health care
  • Safety net populations and how to address health care needs with innovative co-designed solutions

Type of Tracks

We are organizing Medicine X | CHANGE around tracks that are designed to help empower our community toward collaborative changemaking in health care. To achieve that goal, our tracks are action-oriented around what the audience will achieve or gain through participation in sessions in those tracks. As you consider your proposal, consider which track fits best with your message.

business Inspire me!
Challenge your audience to be inspired around a topic that you care about. Share stories to provoke empathy and understanding of a problem. How will your presentation inspire your audience to action? How might it create empathy toward more effective partnership or problem solving?
epatient-icon-3 Teach me!
Perhaps you’ve figured out how to do something and want to teach others what you’ve learned. What new information will be learned, or new skill gained by your audience to help them create more effective collaborative changemaking in health care?
design Collaborate with me!
In these sessions, people will present a problem they are seeking help with. They may also present an offer of help in the form of expertise or a solution they have created that has yet to find an application in health care. The purpose of this track is to gain insights from the audience members themselves and foster pathways to collaboration. There may be time to work in co-production or give simple feedback.

Type of Presentations

The following presentation types will be accepted for Stanford Medicine X 2019:

oral-icon Oral Presentations
Oral presentations offer an opportunity to provide a powerpoint slide presentation of your work to a large breakout audience. Presentations are 15 minutes in length, with a five minute question and answer period. Oral presentations are organized into theme sessions, and each session will have a designated moderator. Oral presentations are typically limited to a single presenter.
poster-icon Poster Presentations
Poster presentations offer an opportunity to share your work with an international audience at Medicine X. If selected, you will present your work via an electronic poster. Presentations will take place throughout the conference with special designated times for poster viewing. First authors should plan to be next to their posters to answer questions during these times.
tech-hub-icon Corporate Technical Showcase
Our corporate technical showcase is a dedicated space for technical and educational exhibits and demonstrations throughout the 3-day CHANGE conference. Participation in the Corporate Technical Showcase provides a unique and valuable opportunity to increase the exposure of your company’s achievements and innovations to a highly engaged audience and network with companies, professionals, prospective employees and Stanford students to build your business. This is the perfect place to provide educational demonstrations of your technology or solutions to our CHANGE delegates. Participation in the showcase will require companies to register all team members (up to 3) for either on day or two days of conference attendance. In completing the presenter application, you will be asked to submit a short narrative description that addresses the following questions: 1) How does your company use emerging technologies, innovation approaches or partnership with patients to create change in health care? 2) Why does your company wish to participate in this Showcase? *Please note: All Corporate Technical Showcase participants are subject to approval by our academic planning committee. Scientists and engineers are encouraged to staff this event. Please note that sales and marketing individuals are not permitted to attend the showcase.
workshop-icon Workshops
These small interactive sessions are an opportunity for you to delve deeply into a topic and share your expertise with a group of passionate MedX delegates. Workshops hold a maximum of 30-35 people. Workshops can be led by 1-4 people. Workshops are offered in two formats: short (45 minutes) and long (90 minutes). Please note that all facilitators must pay and register for the conference. 


Please find some important dates for our 2019 conference below. Please note that all accepted presenters are required to register for the Medicine X | CHANGE.

  • Abstract submissions open – January 1, 2019
  • Abstract submissions close – January 31, 2019
  • Speaker selections announced – March 1, 2019
  • Speaker registration deadline – March 15, 2019
  • General registration opens – April 1, 2019
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