Your Voice in Medical Education

A 1/2-day interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Rob Rogers on podcasting in medical education, digital footprint creation and spreading your message on social media platforms, and personal branding strategies for the educator.

friday, april 27 | 8:00am – 12:00pm | foyer of the jen-hsun huang engineering center, stanford university

about the event

It’s a noisy world and medical educators want to be heard. We all have a “voice” inside of us, something to say or teach. The issue is how to get that voice out to the rest of the world so that everyone else can benefit. It’s wonderful to give a presentation locally or effectively moderate a small group discussion, but it’s even more powerful to share that knowledge and skill with the rest of the world. What’s even worse is that many in healthcare have no sense of personal branding/digital footprint creation, and in fact many think that discussing personal branding is taboo. The presentations within this 1/2 day event and the interactive portion are designed to give medical educators a sense of what they need to do to develop their “voice” and how to utilize it to help themselves and others. Attendees will receive training in podcasting, digital footprint creation, personal branding, and how to amplify their message on media platforms.



Trained in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Rob Rogers currently practices Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine. An innovative medical educator on the cutting edge of creativity, he shares his knowledge on the monthly medical education Medutopia Podcast. Rob co-founded The Teaching Institute and in 2014 created The Teaching Course at The University of Maryland. As a passionate medical education enthusiast, podcast evangelist, learning choreographer, and entrepreneur, Rob works tirelessly to change the world of medical education by reinventing it. In 2017, Rob created a medical education think tank called Medutopia, and more information can be found at

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