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3D Printing and the Future of Medicine

Saturday, September 6, 2014 | room LK102, LKSC
In the first panel presentation (4:40-5:25PM) about 3D printing, Diverse, distributed, and design-driven, we’ll provide an overview of the state of the 3D printing field right now, and also engage in some moonshot thinking about where this technology could take us in the years to come.
In our second panel discussion (5:25-6:10PM), Innovation implementation, we look at some of the challenges and issues to consider in this brave new world. Will the FDA approve printed food, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices? How can 3D printing startups include patients in their design process? What are the public health implications when almost anyone can print biomaterials from the comfort of their own home? And once we ensure public safety, how can we make 3D printing affordable and accessible for all?

3D Printing Experience Zone

Curious about how 3D printing actually works in a healthcare context? Come just before the panels (sometime between 2:30 and 4:40PM) to our 3D Printing Experience Zone see for yourself in this dedicated demonstration area just outside of our plenary hall. Leading manufacturers will showcase their printing technology and answer your questions about this fascinating new field. Exhibitors will include cutting-edge companies such as:
  • 3D Systems: Learn about the surgical applications of 3D printing, then reward yourself with chocolate and candy from the ChefJet food printer;
  • 3D Hubs: Find out how this company is creating a global printing community, by connecting people who want to print in 3D with people who own 3D printers;
  • Artec: Watch this Palo Alto-based company create 3D full-body scans in just 12 seconds;
  • Occipital: See how 3D scanning hardware for the iPad is supporting patient care.
  • Enabling the Future: Checkout how this group is creating hands for children in need.

About Stanford Medicine X 2014

Medicine X brings together some of the nation’s most innovative and engaging minds in academia and industry to exchange ideas about the future of medicine. Presentations and panels will cover a range of topics, including patient-centered design, participatory medicine, crowdfunding for health projects, and the impact of information technologies on biomedical research.
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