3D printing and biofabrication


Larry ChuLarry Chu, MD, MS
Associate Professor
Executive Director, Stanford Medicine X
Stanford University

Monika WittigMonika Wittig
Assistant Professor
Co-lead, Stanford MedXMakers
CU Denver


Aaron Willette
Founding Partner


First Class: March 31, 2016
Last Class: May 26, 2016
Paper Due *2 Units: June 2, 2016
Format: Colloquium
Credits: 1 (paper for 2)


What if medications or prosthetics could be fabricated using modern tools for mass customization? Scientists are already working to fabricate human organs from living cells.  Additive manufacturing – often termed 3D printing – uses automated techniques to produce physical objects using layer-by-layer construction methods. Biofabrication applies these same techniques to print physical objects from biological cells. Such techniques hold great promise to transform health and medicine to deliver more personalized care solutions for patients. This colloquium course will explore the future of 3D printing and its impact on health and medicine. Students enrolling for 2 units prepare a final paper.

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