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Abstract submissions for the 2016 conference are now closed. Medicine X 2016 will be held September 16-18th on the Stanford University campus.

Gain support for your work, build an audience who will champion your ideas, and find partners who will help you realize your vision!

Stanford Medicine X is:

  • The most-discussed academic health care conference in the world.
  • An Everyone Included™ initiative, where all stakeholders are respected and valued for the expertise that they bring.
  • An international community with delegates from around the world, and a global online viewership representing over 60 countries.
  • A premier venue to present your work to the world!

This year, the conference will be held on the Stanford campus from September 16-18, 2016.

Applications will be subject to a $25 processing fee, paid at the time of submission. Please note that if you are selected as a presenter, you will be required to pay and register for the conference.

Abstract submissions for the 2016 conference are now closed.

Two New Presentation Tracks and Stages for 2016!

We’re excited to introduce two new presentation tracks at Medicine X 2016! This year, we will begin accepting abstract submissions in the Design and Implementation tracks. Please see below for more information regarding what types of presentations we seek for these exciting new tracks.

We’re also excited to announce the addition of two new stages at this year’s conference – one located in Paul Berg Lobby, and the other located in our brand-new Everyone Included™ Pavilion! Presentations on these stages will be professionally filmed and distributed on our Medicine X website and social media channels.  

Areas of Focus

Scientific research studies and scholarly practice-based work in the area of emerging information and social technologies and their effects on the field of medicine will be the primary focus of the Medicine X conference. We seek submissions on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Innovation in health care and medical education
  • Implementation science
  • Design-thinking around improving health
  • Original research on eHealth tools
  • 3D printing and medicine
  • Aging and technology
  • Mental health
  • Personalized medicine and genomics
  • Participatory medicine and the role of technology in empowering patient (and/or caregiver) engagement in a patient’s own health care
  • Wearable computing technologies for health (e.g. wearable sensors for tracking health or heads-up information displays)
  • The role of digital health technologies and their effects on patients and health care professionals
  • Social/mobile technologies and their use in the areas of science, health, and medicine
  • Health information and content on the Internet
  • Collaboration using the Internet and the use of these technologies to change health care education, delivery, and practice
  • Digital divide in access to health information technology, and more!

Type of Tracks

Presentations for Stanford Medicine X 2016 will be accepted in the following tracks:

Submissions to the business track typically involve presentations of interest to the business community and also presentation of commercial products that may be of interest to the Medicine X community. The focus of presentations should be educational, and present the objective merits of the product or topic to the audience.


Submissions to the ePatient track typically involve issues and topics that represent a patient-centered point of view that would be of interest to the entire Medicine X community.


Submissions made to the new implementation track represent work conducted to carry out plans that were formed during the assessment and design stages of health care quality improvement and innovation projects. These submissions reflect work that is being done to execute and realize change at the individual, interpersonal, organizational, or environmental levels.


Submissions made to the research track reflect original work conducted to answer a hypothesis (research question) and should present relevant data, interpret the findings and synthesize the results into a set of conclusions. Abstracts must be structured into the following sections: background, method, results, and conclusion.


Submissions made to our new design track should reflect excellence, innovation, and potential or proven ability to improve the quality of health through design. We believe that thoughtful design is essential to innovation in healthcare and medicine across all domains (education, clinical care, research, etc.), and are seeking presentations from those who share our values and believe in the value of good design in health care.

Type of Presentations

The following presentation types will be accepted for Stanford Medicine X 2016:

oral-iconOral Presentations
Oral presentations offer an opportunity to provide a powerpoint slide presentation of your work to a large breakout audience. Presentations are 15 minutes in length, with a five minute question and answer period. Oral presentations are organized into theme sessions, and each session will have a designated moderator.


oral-ignite-iconOral Ignite! Talks
Oral Ignite! talks are 5-minute powerpoint slide presentations that provide presenters with the opportunity to give audience members a succinct and high impact introduction to their work. Ignite! presenters will also receive a professionally produced video of their talk that will be published on a variety of Med X channels.


panel-iconPanel Discussions
Panel discussions are an ideal opportunity to provide a diverse set of perspectives on important topics in eHealth. If selected for a panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to select from 45 and 90 minute session blocks. Successful applicants will be contacted after acceptance for preferences.


poster-iconPoster Presentations
Poster presentations offer an opportunity to share your work with an international audience at Medicine X. If selected, you will present your work via an electronic poster. Presentations will take place throughout the conference with special designated times for poster viewing. First authors should plan to be next to their posters to answer questions during these times.


tech-hub-iconTechnology Hub Exhibit 
Our technology hub is a dedicated space for educational exhibits and demonstrations throughout the 3-day Medicine X conference! This is the perfect place to provide educational demonstrations of your technology to Medicine X delegates.


These small interactive sessions are an opportunity for you to delve deeply into a topic and share your expertise with a group of passionate MedX delegates. Workshops hold a maximum of 30-35 people.

Registration for Stanford Medicine X 2016

Registration for Medicine X 2016 is now open. Please click here for further information about our pricing model and registration rates. Please note that all accepted presenters must register for the Stanford Medicine X conference.

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