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34180199511_842dcd1dbb_kA signature feature of our Medicine X | CHANGE fall event is the opportunity to apply what you are learning about change management into practice through an educational learning opportunity, or what we are calling an “educational grand challenge”.  Our Medicine X Educational Grand Challenge is an opportunity to work with diverse and inclusive groups of health care stakeholders around an important health care problem by applying what you learn at Medicine X | CHANGE in an engaging and collaborative educational format.

THIS YEAR'S GRAND CHALLENGE: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)


The topic of this year’s Medicine X | CHANGE educational grand challenge is chronic obstructive lung disease, or COPD. It is a chronic lung condition that makes breathing difficult for the 16 million Americans who have the disease and millions more who are undiagnosed. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is the #4 leading cause of death in the US and includes the conditions emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Working with Stanford Medicine X on this year’s educational grand challenge are two leading COPD advocacy experts, Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and Ted Koppel.


Grace Anne Dorney Koppel is an educator, a behavioral scientist, and practicing attorney who was diagnosed with COPD in 2001. At the time of her diagnosis she had just 26% lung function and was not expected to live more than a few years. Thanks to pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise and knowledge, “It’s now 18 years since I was diagnosed and I still breathe better now than I did then. Knowledge, adherence to medications, and exercise are powerful,” she says.

Grace Anne and Ted are passionate about raising COPD awareness to improve the quality of life for the hundred of millions worldwide who have COPD. Together they created the Dorney-Koppel Foundation and have co-funded 12 pulmonary rehabilitation clinics across the country.


Journalist Ted Koppel was the anchor and managing editor of ABC News’ Nightline for 26 years, becoming the longest-serving news anchor in U.S. broadcast history. When he left ABC News after 42 years, he was the most honored reporter in that network’s history. He has won every major news award multiple times, including one for lifetime achievement. Ted now serves as CBS Sunday Morning’s Senior Contributor, in which role he just won his 43rd Emmy.

Our Medicine X educational grand challenge will be organized into five steps. We invite our Medicine X community to participate with us as we guide you through each of these separate steps of the educational challenge. Over the next few weeks, you will learn more about each of these steps as we guide you through the work. Won’t you join us as we explore how we might learn more about COPD and engage together with the greater COPD community to create positive change?

  • Step 1: EXPLORE: What is it like to live with COPD? [Empathy and Understanding the Problem]
  • Step 2: SKETCH: Co-produce rough drafts that might address the problem you see. [Prototyping]
  • Step 3: REFINE: Distill your ideas with the help of Everyone Included to the best one that is most impactful and elegant for your community. [Refining]
  • Step 4: IMPLEMENT: Carry out your plan with the help of Everyone Included principles and the COPD Social Media dashboard. [Implementing]
  • Step 5: MEASURE: Select an outcome measure and collect data on the impact of your work using the COPD Social Media dashboard. [Measuring]





  • Download our Participation Guide
  • Icebreaker – warm-up your creative thinking and get to know your teammates (online participants reach out to others on the #medXcopd and tell us)
  • Intro to design thinking – online participants watch:
  • Research: Understand & observe with your ePatient for your particular HMW statement (online participants search for resources to learn more about your patient persona).
  • Synthesis: Work with your team to bring your ideas together.
  • Brainstorming: conceptualize your idea into a solution.
  • Prototype: test your ideas by creating a sketch.
  • Presentation prep: produce something and practice showing it to others.
  • Shareout: show your ideas and seek feedback from others.

Social media can be a powerful platform to build communities of collaboration to help with your challenge work. Symplur is a social media analytics firm who have built social media tools for the COPD community. *The link above is not an endorsement of Symplur or its products or services by Stanford Medicine X or Stanford University and links to an external website.


We’ve designed our Medicine X educational grand challenge to allow everyone to participate. Through a series of online Tweetchats and webinars we will help guide you through the participation process. You can follow along by checking this webpage for updates and following our Twitter hashtag #MedX. Some key participation highlight dates of our educational challenge are listed below:

  • Sept 9, 2019 – Twitter Chat #1 – Introduction to the Challenge & Exploring COPD (Follow #medx #copd on Twitter at 7PM PT | 10PM EST)
  • Sept 16, 2019 -Twitter Chat #2 – Diving into the Challenge (Follow #medx #copd at 7PM PT | 10PM EST)
  • Sept 20, 2019 – Conference Livestream and Twitter Chat
  • Sept 21, 2019- Conference Livestream and Twitter Chat
  • Sept 22, 2019 – Conference Livestream and Twitter Chat
  • October 1, 2019 -Twitter Chat #3 – Reflecting on the Challenge to date (Follow #medx #copdon Twitter at 7PM PT | 10PM EST)
  • November 1, 2019  -Twitter Chat #4 – Office hours and helping teams forward (Follow #medx #copdon Twitter at 7PM PT | 10PM EST)
  • December 2, 2019 -Twitter Chat #5 – Tips on implementing and measuring success (Follow #medx #copd on Twitter at 7PM PT | 10PM EST)

Join us during the Stanford Medicine X | CHANGE conference for live event coverage of the Medicine X educational grand challenge on COPD:

  • Friday September 20, 2019 9:30AM – 10:50AM PST Main Stage Livestream
    • Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and Ted Koppel – A conversation on live with COPD | 9:35AM–9:55AM
    • Jean Wright and Elizabeth Watson – Igniting Social Media on COPD Awareness | 9:55AM–10:07AM
    • Paul Simonelli, MD – Artificial Intelligence versus COPD | 10:10AM–10:22AM
    • PANEL: Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney Koppel along with panelists Dr. Richard Casaburi, Monika Wittig, Dennis Boyle, Alicia Staley and Audun Utengen  with Dr. Chu  | 10:25–10:50AM

Our Medicine X Educational Grand Challenge on COPD will focus on five key questions that matter most to people living with COPD and their caregivers. With the help of Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and Ted Koppel, Medicine X will guide participants through an exploration of these questions in the next phase of the challenge, which is called SKETCH:

Together, we will explore and create rough ideas or “brainstorms” on these five key questions during SKETCH:

  1. How might we engage the medical community in the earlier diagnosis of COPD?
  2. How might we convince Congress to appropriate line item funding for COPD NIH research consistent with the number of people it affects in the U.S.?
  3. How might we reduce the societal stigma of COPD? How might we focus attention on the millions of people who have never smoked, those who got the disease through second hand smoke, environmental and work-related conditions?
  4. How might we make access to pulmonary rehabilitation more routine?
  5. How might we increase awareness of the evidence-based benefit for prescribing pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD patients? How might COPD rehabilitation treatment be implemented into clinical practice as effectively for people living with the condition as cardiac rehabilitation has been implemented for people living with heart conditions?

We are looking for people living with COPD and their caregivers to participate with us at Stanford at our live in person event. Delegates already attending our Medicine X event are invited to apply to participate in our Medicine X grand educational challenge. The experience for our conference attendees will involve a special Friday design session described below.


Are you a person living with COPD or someone who provides care for someone who does?

Then we invite you to participate in our Stanford Medicine X educational grand challenge on COPD! Your participation will include:
  1. Working as a member of a multidisciplinary design team on Friday September 20, 2019 at Stanford University to brainstorm and prototype solutions around some of the most pressing problems facing the COPD community;
  2. If you are unable to come to Stanford in person because you do not live locally, we are able to accommodate your participate via Videoconferencing software;
  3. Join a virtual mentoring community to help other groups working on the challenge remotely to give advice and feedback on their ideas;

CLICK HERE to complete a short survey to apply to join our challenge in person.


Sept 20, 2019 – In person at the Stanford Medicine X | Studio @ Medicine X | CHANGE 2019 from 11:AM until 5PM PST.

  • Led by Monika Wittig, Associate Director of Inworks Innovation Initiative at UC Denver, Nick Dawson, National Director for Innovation, Kaiser Permanente, and Dennis Boyle, Founding Partner, IDEO with Larry Chu, MD Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
  • Facilitators include: Jean Wright, Atrium Healthcare, Stella Tu, Stanford Design School, Serene Chen, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Urvi Gupta, Stanford Medicine X
  • Mentors include: Grace Anne Dorney Koppel and Ted Koppel, Dorney-Koppel Foundation
  • Learn about Design Thinking principles
  • Partner with people living with COPD on exploring problems and designing solutions
  • Work together on teams in co-producing prototypes

Sept 21, 2019 – In person at the Stanford Medicine X | Studio @ Medicine X | CHANGE 2019; Drop-in hours to work with teams.

Sept 22, 2019 – In person at the Stanford Medicine X | Studio @ Medicine X | CHANGE 2019; Drop-in hours to work with teams.


Implement your grand challenge designs into real world solutions. Then share your stories of CHANGE with us at the next Stanford Medicine X | CHANGE! We will invite the best submissions to present at the next Medicine X | CHANGE conference.

  • January 15, 2019
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