If you are unfamiliar with the Stanford campus, please review directions to drive to the LKSC.

Once at the LKSC, follow the directions below to find the LK308 classroom:

  1. Find the LKSC Building at 291 Campus Drive, Stanford University.
  2. Find the main Campus drive entrance to the LKSC, which is the entrance to the building facing the palm trees.
  3. Enter the building, you will see a reception desk inside. Make a left before the reception desk down the corridor.
  4. Down the corridor you will see elevators. Enter the elevator and go up to the third floor.
  5. When you exit the elevator veer left and then turn right at the next hallway.
  6. Continue down the corridor.
  7. Once you turn the corner, the classroom LK308 is ahead on the left-hand side.
  8. If you are a community ticket holder, please present your ticket to the class TA in exchange for a name badge. If you are a Stanford student who is enrolled in the class, you may enter, sign in and take a seat in the front.


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