Placing Patients at the Center of the Design Thinking Process

Overview of Workshop


Thursday September 14, 2017

Stanford Medicine X is once again joining forces with Palo Alto-based firm IDEO to offer ePatients the opportunity to collaborate with designers, researchers, technologists and health-care providers to spark new ideas for improving patient care. Participants in last year’s Stanford Medicine X | IDEO Design Challenge called the workshop “a very healing process” and praised the experience for allowing creativity to “flourish and grow.”

At the day-long event, participants will be divided into teams and each group will include an ePatient who has experience managing a chronic disease and who uses technology to help facilitate his or her own care. Using a problem statement based on the ePatients’ chronic illness and application, the teams will work through the design-thinking process to develop potential solutions.

IDEO was an extraordinary experience. I met tons of new contacts, including entrepreneurs, physicians, investors. I was really impressed by this culture of support, creativity and change that Medicine X cultivates — conference attendee

The goal of the workshop is to engage stakeholders in a design setting to solve a patient-centered health problem as a unified team, and to share their design and experience with attendees at Medicine X. It is meant to inspire collaboration and ignite creativity among a diversity of thinkers, both challenge participants and Medicine X audience members.

We are thrilled to partner with IDEO and offer this incredible experience for Medicine X attendees.


Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017
Location: IDEO headquarters, 150 Forrest Avenue, Palo Alto, Calif.
Workshop includes breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks

“Get ready to fundamentally change how your think about design thinking in health care!!” — Medicine X participant.


As an attendee, you will team up with our 2017 ePatients Scholars.  Each ePatient will become the focus of a team engaged in the IDEO challenge and represent a different problem statement, which will be based on their unique challenges.

Please note, this special event is only available in conjunction with registration to the Medicine X conference and sells out quickly every year. Make sure to be among the first to register in order to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I never thought that design thinking could help me to heal.  This was a healing experience because I learned that anything is possible to co-create better options people with my condition — 2016 IDEO ePatient workshop attendee.

Preliminary Schedule:

8:00 Arrive at 150 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto: light breakfast and coffee
8:30 Tour of IDEO Palo Alto studios
9:30 Welcome, Overview of the day, Introductions by all, sit in teams
10:15 Overview of Design Thinking process and team project
10:45 Homework discussion in groups, meet your e-patient and facilitator: start the project!
11:15 Understand and Observe session
12:00 Working Lunch
1:00 Downloading and Synthesis
1:30 Brainstorming and Conceptualizing
2:30 Prototyping and Testing
3:30 Prepare project presentations
4:30 Individual design teams present to overall group
5:30 Wrap-up of the day and wine & cheese reception

Fantastic education experience in the design process — past IDEO challenge participant.

How to Attend:

Limited space is available for this event Attendees must enroll online to reserve their spot by August 31st!