Congratulations for being selected as a demo-interactive presenter at the Medicine X at Stanford University (Sept 28-30, 2012). Please read this page carefully as it contains important information regarding the upcoming Medicine X conference.

The Stanford Medicine X Prize

Demo-Interactive sessions are eligible for the Stanford Medicine X Prize. Members of the jury will attend each Demo-Interactive session. The prize includes recognition from the main stage and a $500 USD cash prize and certificate. Judging will be based on the best use of interactivity to engage the audience and the strongest demonstration of technology. Prepare to dazzle us!


The preliminary Medicine X conference program can be found at
Please review the program closer to the conference to find the finalized scheduled time of your session. All Demo-Interactive sessions will take place in the Demo-Interactive Pavilion in the lobby of the main conference venue.

Demo-Interactive Setup

  • The Pavilion will have two 50-inch plasma displays. One will be for Powerpoint (or Keynote) slide projection via a laptop provided for the presentation, and the other display will be used at your discretion if you would like to connect an iPad or tablet to display an app or website. We will provide any cable necessary (HDMI, AVI, etc.)
  • Please provide your own iPad/iPod that you would like to display on-screen.
  • If you choose to not utilize the second display, it will simply be used to project digital signage for the conference.
  • There will be a small podium.
  • You are encouraged to come in Thursday to test out your presentation connections.
  • If you would like to share your work to a broad audience, we will be available to film your demo-interactive presentation during the conference in a separate studio.

Your Demo-Interactive Presentation

  • Your presentation will be approximately 15 minutes in length. Please remember this is a Demo and Interactive session. Audience interaction is extremely important. Please plan for time to interact with your audience. Plan for fun ways to engage your audience in your presentation.
  • Please note that due to scheduling, we must insist that speakers do not exceed their allotted time. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions with regard to the time allotted for the duration of your presentation.
  • Please save any slides necessary for your talk as a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation on a USB flash drive. Presentations will be loaded from an Apple Mac Pro laptop computer for digital projection.
  • If you are using any video or sound clips in your presentation, please include the original file alongside your presentation on your USB flash drive.
  • If necessary, you may use your own laptop. However, please arrive early to ensure that we are able to connect your laptop to the plasma display.
  • We kindly request that you arrive at the demo-interactive Pavilion at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of your session.
  • During this time, you will upload your slides to the Medicine X conference computers and introduce yourself to the technician. This time also allows us to rearrange the schedule, if necessary, to account for unavoidable conflicts.
Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!
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