*John La Puma, MD

Chef Clinic/ ChefMD
Poster Presentation – Practice Track
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*Presenting Author

Existing visceral adipose tissue in men converts testosterone to estradiol, increases insulin resistance and forces fat retention. This under-recognized, gender-specific physiology may be responsible for the rise in male obesity in the U.S., especially since 1998.  Clinicians are generally not paid or trained to attend to men who wish to lose weight or belly fat, improve their sex drive and become leaner, and clinicians remain suspicious of over the counter and prescription weight loss medication.  Available commercial programs have limited appeal to most overweight and obese men, and do not draw upon men’s metabolic advantages in controlling body weight and building muscle mass and strength.  We designed an online, gender-specific eating and fitness plan which draws upon men’s metabolic advantages, inherent competitive spirit, modern mobile technology, and a predictive analysis algorithm for total testosterone level to assist men interested in the Man Plan Diet. We invited overweight men ages 30- 65 to beta test this 24 day intervention. We utilized NOW (nuggets of wisdom) text messaging from a physician nutritionist; reminded users to return texts requesting body weight and exercise intensity; allowed individuals to text program questions, to compete on chosen sports teams and to compete with one another. We estimated total testosterone level for each participant to predict relative success. Results to be presented.

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