*Eric Leroux, MD, Dana Lin, James Lau, Homero Rivas
Stanford University Medical Center
Poster Presentation – Practice Track
Saturday, Sept 29, 2012: 1:20 PM – 2:20 PM – LK Lower Lobby

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*Presenting Speaker

Ongoing evaluation and feedback are essential components of efficient medical training.  The current mechanism by which this process unfolds has changed very little during the past 100 years, a time that has of course seen staggering scientific and medical achievement.  While we have seen rapid growth in the utilization of virtual patients and simulations, much of our performance tracking is done when a resident changes teams, or periodically for accreditation purposes.  Moreover, within each departnemt, much of the evaluation still occurs using paper and pen, and there is minimal aggregation of data across programs. Consequently, there is an opportunity to make evaluations more valuable and their data more useful.

A beta product for General Surgery programs is beginning to demonstrate proof of concept.  Using validated metrics and customized questions, SLICKeR provides a platform for evaluations to occur more easily and for the responses to be more valuable.  Residents and attendings are able to complete real-time evaluations, maintain case logs, and track improvement over time.  Analysis of the evaluation data can inform training priorities for individual residents, specific departments, or national societies.  This system aims to improve the objectivity, reliability, and value of feedback and evaluation during medical education.  Combining lessons from mobile health, medical education, and data analysis, not only does resident training move forward, there exists a platform to test and support continual innovation.


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