Providers are from Mars, Patients are from Venus

Due to the overwhelming interest from last year’s workshop, Medicine X and Boehringer Ingelheim have decided to extend the conversation to a half-day event with three robust simulation sessions and a de-brief design workshop at Paul Brest Hall on Thursday, September 15th.
This workshop will provide participants with relevant and concrete perspectives surrounding the issues listed below:
  • How might patients understand and explain their true health care needs to their providers?
  • How might providers understand the challenges faced by patients in speaking up against authority gradients and engaging with their providers to practice participatory medicine and shared decision making? How might caregivers and family members aid in this process?
  • How might patients and caregivers understand the challenges faced by clinicians and industry in a highly regulated environment?
  • What lessons might pharma and the health care industry gain from a better understanding of the hindrances both patients and providers currently face? How might we help patients speak up and help providers listen better?
  • How might this improved communication, presence of industry and learning by all stakeholders improve health care?


Director, Simulation and Education
Center for Immersive & Simulation-based Learning

Alexandra Buchanan is the director for Simulation and Education at the Center for Immersive & Simulation-based Learning at Stanford University. She received her medical degree from the University of Sydney, and her training in clinical simulation from Monash University.

Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesia,
Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Kyle Harrison is a clinical associate professor of Anesthesia at Stanford University and a staff physician at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. He is also an associate program director of the Anesthesia residency training program at Stanford.