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Mona Siddiqui, MD

Mona Siddiqui, MD

Chief Data Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services

As Chief Data Officer at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mona Siddiqui has led a mission to use data to drive organizational change throughout the diverse organizations that compose HHS. How can changemakers identify data decision makers need to unlock organizational change? What strategies can be developed to overcome roadblocks to access and data sharing between parts of an organization that are necessary to promote collaboration and cross-functional teamwork? How can any organization, big or small, benefit from strategic thinking about their own organizational data, data use policies, and how data can be leveraged as a powerful driver of organizational change? These are just some of the topics and questions that Dr. Siddiqui will explore in her Stanford Medicine X Masterclass.

Please note these sessions require advance application and attendee selections are made in collaboration with Stanford Medicine X staff. Due to the small class size, we are not able to accommodate every conference delegate who may wish to attend this session.

Medicine X Masterclass

Medicine X masterclasses are 90 minute special sessions where our delegates have a unique opportunity to explore special topics with unique domain experts in a small group setting.

Mona Siddiqui, MD

Dr. Siddiqui is the Chief Data Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services where she is focused on promoting open data, building an enterprise wide data governance structure, creating a business analytics unit and developing strategic partnerships with external stakeholders. Dr. Siddiqui is also facilitating enterprise wide artificial intelligence strategy for HHS. Prior to this role, Dr. Siddiqui was at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation working towards implementing a rapid cycle testing platform for payment models.  She has also served with the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (“nudge” unit) during the Obama administration leading work in the health space.  She has a MD from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she is now on faculty, a masters in quantitative methods from the Harvard School of Public Health and in management technology from the Stanford School of Engineering.



Hear about the complex issues Dr. Siddiqui faced so you understand the problem.


Learn how Dr. Siddiqui and her team crafted strategies to overcome roadblocks to change.


Discuss solutions and roadblocks with Dr. Siddiqui to identify key takeaways.

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