This page is intended only for Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholars and these opportunities are not open to the general public. Please do not share this page on social media. Its contents are intended for our MedX program alumni only.

The following opportunities are available for Medicine X ePatient Scholars (e.g. completed in good standing at least one program cycle). If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please contact Anna Clemenson at to apply for the position.

  • Social Media Producer (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    Assist the Medicine X team with producing content and posts on our social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Social Media Producer (Podcast)
    Work with the Medicine X team to create a new audio podcast series on medicine, technology and patient engagement.
  • Patient 101 Content Producer
    Work with the Medicine X team to create content, in partnership with a health care professional, for our new Patient 101 online course.
  • Patient Navigator Online Course Producer
    Work with the Medicine X team to produce an online course that will teach the public about patient navigators and their role in the health care system.
  • Google Hangout Producer
    Work with the Medicine X team to assemble a team of ePatients for a Google Hangout broadcast for our Medicine X livestream during intermissions at Medicine X 2015. These hangouts will be produced remotely from the conference.
  • Viewing Party Toolkit Producer
    Work with the Medicine X team to create an electronic toolkit that will help other ePatient Scholar alumni produce their own Medicine X viewing parties in their local communities this year.
  • ePatient Scholar Alumni Website
    Work with our Medicine X team to create a new private website for our ePatient Scholar Alumni.

 ePatient Advisor

  • ePatients who serve in these two-year appointments provide advice to Medicine X on ePatient issues by evaluating, ranking and providing ePatient scholarship recommendations to the Medicine X executive board.
  • ePatient advisors may be considered for reappointment or appointment to the executive board upon completion of their term of service.
  • Nominations for ePatient Advisors come from the Executive Board, Coordinator for ePatient Programs, and Coordinator for Community Outreach.
  • ePatient Advisors must be Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholars in good standing who have completed at least one program cycle.
  • All positions are currently filled by:
    • Alan Brewington (2015-17)
    • Meredith Hurston (2015-17)
    • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff (2015-17)
    • Alicia Staley (2015-17)
    • Kim Vlasnik (term begins 2016)

Executive Board Member

  • Executive Board Members provide senior leadership to the conference on a broad variety of issues. They have a history of providing support to Medicine X and are very familiar with its programs and mission.
  • These individuals commit to volunteering to serve Medicine X by donating significant portions of their time on a consistent basis throughout the year to advance the mission of our programs.
  • Executive Board Members are appointed directly by the Executive Director, Larry Chu, MD.
  • All positions are currently filled by:
    • Hugo Campos (non-voting, alumnus)
    • Jamia Crockett
    • Nick Dawson
    • Gilles Frydman
    • Britt Johnson
    • Sarah E. Kucharski
    • Chris Snider
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