Medicine X | Spark* connects engaged patients and providers
to those at the forefront of healthcare innovation



Engaged, educated, and empowered, ePatients are equipped to help innovate positive change in healthcare. Medicine X’s ePatient Scholar program is the world’s leading patient engagement initiative at the intersection of emerging technology and medicine. We identify and partner with patients in the academic enterprise to work with all stakeholders to improve healthcare.


Healthcare Innovators

We believe that innovation springs from all over: early stage digital health companies, new initiatives from the pharmaceutical sector, wearable computing and health self-tracking devices, service innovation, consumer-facing healthcare products and services. We believe innovation at all levels can be sparked by a deeper understanding of patient engagement and provider experiences.


Engaged Providers

Provider perspectives and experiences contribute important insights into how to move great ideas into the clinic and to the bedside. Based at the Stanford University School of Medicine, we work with some of the world’s leading physicians. We also partner with pharmacy, nursing and medical students through our leadership program in order to engage with tomorrow’s leaders today.



Patients + providers helping to fix healthcare from the inside

     Healthcare companies face a number of challenges. Most notably, innovators often have doubts over whether their products or services make sense in the context of day-to-day, “real-world” clinical medicine and research. Does our product or service have a good market fit? Would physicians or patients use it? How would this affect the care of patients? Are there possible new applications we have not thought of? We believe innovators benefit when they have access to direct feedback and guidance from real experts: patients managing their conditions as well as seasoned clinicians and specialists who know the ins and outs of the medical world.

     Medicine X | Spark* is a novel approach to bring together innovators, clinical practitioners, patients, students, and other members of the health care innovation eco-system to solve problems within the academic enterprise. We invite all healthcare stakeholders to engage in active collaborative and strategic discussions on areas ranging from clinical applicability, novel services, to patient-centered care and activation.

     Healthcare companies and organizations can benefit from working with Medicine X | Spark* to engage with patient and providers at the front lines of medicine to work as partners to improve healthcare from the inside. Medicine X includes patients in the design and implementation of all of our initiatives, including Medicine X | Spark*.



Medicine X works with strategic partners seeking to
understand patient engagement and provider experiences
as tools to innovate their healthcare strategies

The Medicine X | Spark* team

  • Larry Chu, MD, MS
    Larry Chu, MD, MS Executive Director + Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University
  • Bassam Kadry, MD
    Bassam Kadry, MD Director, Technology Discovery
  • Venktesh Ramnath, MD
    Venktesh Ramnath, MD Consulting Assistant Professor (AIM Lab)
  • Rami Bailoney, MD
    Rami Bailoney, MD Entrepreneurship Fellow (AIM Lab)
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