Medicine X is pleased to announce its eBook program, just in time for our conference. The book is designed to provide you with all the information you will need to get the full Medicine X experience.

The book includes contributing text from Larry Chu, MD and Regina Holliday. It also features the artwork of Regina Holliday. It includes the schedule for each day of the conference, as well as abstracts and biographies for speakers and presenters. The book was produced by the Stanford AIM lab.

The book is available free of charge (for iBook, please load from your iPad).


How to install the iBook on your iPad:

  1. Load this web page in your web browser on your iPad.
  2. Click the iBook icon above. The file should begin to download in your iPad Safari browser.
  3. Please be patient as the book downloads. It is 232MB and may take several minutes depending upon the speed of your Internet connection.
  4. When the iBook is finished downloading, you will see a prompt appear in your Safari window asking to “Open in iBooks.”
  5. Press the Open in “iBooks” button. Please be patient. The iPad may not appear to be doing anything but it is reading the book into the iBooks app. Within a minute or two, the book should open automatically in the iBooks app.
  6. Enjoy reading our book in the iBooks app.

I don’t have an iPad. Can I still read the book?

  1. Sure! Just click the “PDF” icon above and you can load the book as a standard PDF file.
  2. Please note, enhancements such as the videos included in the iBook won’t play in the PDF file.


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