*Nick Tarazona, Lilian Torregrosa
San Ignacio University Hospital Bogotá, Colombia South America
Poster Presentation – Practice Track
Sunday, Sept 30, 2012: 11:25 PM – 12:25 PM – LK Lower Lobby

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*Presenting Speaker

Most medical students use social networks and platforms in the cloud for document management and academic presentations. The aim of this study was 1) To design and implement the Clinical Clerkship of a Breast Surgery web 2.0 strategy. 2) To optimize time and resources in a surgical clerkship teaching strategy in the department of surgery at the Hospital Universitario San Ignacio and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogota Colombia.

The academic program of the Clinical Clerkship in Breast Surgery, objectives, academic and clinical activities, performance standards, case studies, virtual patient simulation, recommended readings and sources as well as some basic aspects of professionalism were adapted to selected major social networks and platforms in the cloud. Registration was performed via: 1) facebook. 2) A facebook Fan page. 3) twitter. 4) YouTube. 5) an iBook for tablets. 6) JotForm. This is called “iRotation.” The presentation of “iRotation” to students was through a lecture and via e-mail. At the end of the academic semester we evaluated the tool via JotForm tool. Students left feedback and reflection on professionalism and development.

The iRotation was perceived as a useful academic tool, friendly, easy to use by both students and doctors. In addition, most students and teachers enjoyed the activity of Clinical Clerkship in Breast Surgery and the Faculty of Medicine Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia. It was perceived as an innovative tool that optimizes time for both students and teachers.

We demonstrated the feasibility of the new model during the Clinical Clerkship of Breast Surgery with students and surgeons. Future research will be needed to examine the impact of this model on important Clinical Clerkship in Breast Surgery.


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