Stanford Medicine X is here! Now is the time to take a moment to learn about key technological enhancements that we’ve designed for you to get the most out of the Medicine X experience.

Want Internet Wifi Access?

We are delighted to tell you that wifi access at Medicine X is complementary. Please use the information below to log into our wifi. Please expect that wifi service may be interrupted or intermittently available during peak times.

  1. Wifi Node: Stanford
  2. Open your web browser and try to connect to the Internet
  3. Select: Guest
  4. Login   Login: medicinex
  5. Password: medicinex

New Badges, New Ways to Connect

The AIM lab at Stanford has spent over a year and countless hours designing and redesigning our conference badges to give you the best experience at Medicine X. We think that you’ll be blown away by the results, but there are a few things to know before you arrive at Stanford.

The new badges use a special type of computer bar code called QR code. These codes make it easy for you to scan badges yourself with a smartphone device and quickly build a collection of contacts during the conference. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the QR code on your new friend’s badge (it looks like this):
  2. Use your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to take a scan of the QR code. This code then gets saved in your smartphone and you can collect the contacts to follow up after the conference is over.
  3. You will need a special app to scan QR codes. If you have a favorite app, please use it and recommend it to others. Some apps that can collect QR codes include:
    1. iPhone: Red Laser (free), List of 11 apps
    2. Android: List of 7 apps
  4. What information will be encoded on the QR Code?
    1. The only information on the QR code will be a link to your Medicine X profile.
    2. You can control the type and amount of personal information on each site by editing your Medicine X profile.
    3. If you don’t know how to login and edit your profile, email us and we’ll be glad to help!

Twitter & Tweeting

  1. We encourage the use of social media, particularly Twitter during the Stanford Medicine X conference.
  2. If you are new to Twitter, now is your chance to try it out for yourself!There are many good primers on getting started with Twitter. Here is one of them.Here’s a video about Twitter.
  3. What is a Hash Tag?
    1. Hash Tags in Twitter are a quick and fast way of labeling your tweet with a keyword or topic. Here’s an explanation from the folks at Twitter. Here’s a video that explains how to use hash tags and view tweets by hash tags.
    2. The official hashtag of Medicine X is #medx. Please use this hashtag in all of your tweets so people can easily find and follow your comments about the conference.
    3. What’s a good way to view tweets by hash tags? We like Tweetdeck, but there are lots of other great Twitter clients out there for Android, iPhone, Mac (also here), and Windows.

Respectful Discourse in Social Media

  • Medicine X is a venue that encourages vigorous and respectful debate and dialogue.
  • Please always be respectful and professional in your comments.
  • Presenters will not be able to see Twitter streams during their talks.
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