• Amazing vibe. The vibe that together: patients, clinicians, & technology can improve our health & our lives. Thrilled to be here!
  • This was one of the best organized conferences down to the very smallest details I have ever attended!! Bravo.
  • That Larry Chu is one hell of an organizer. He also really understands empowered patients and the need to involve them in this movement!Wonderful environment – high quality speakers and research and an open, friendly networking environment.
  • What I liked: The size, the lack of sales pitch, the focus on showing real results not just ideas.
  • My favorite conference ever, by far. Well done guys, awesome.
  • Best conference series I’ve been to. Continue to push the use of social networking, bar codes, innovative name tags, robust websites, multimedia teasers, and the use of twitter to keep participants up-to-date.
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