• MedX has transformed "patient-centered" from a buzzword into a way of thinking and collaborating.

    Roni Zeiger, MDCo-founder and CEO, Smartpatients
  • The finely orchestrated Medicine X program amazed me. The team was poised, accessible, and proactive. Dr. Chu is a perfectionist who surrounds himself with other perfectionists.

    Jon KiehnauFounder, Struts & Springs Co.
  • Because of Medicine X, I can see my dreams more clearly and work toward them with purpose.

    Susannah FoxRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • MedX has stolen my heart. The feeling of physically being in the same space with others who are passionate and inspiring is truly awesome. Awestruck.

    Carly MedoschProgram Analyst and Chronic Illness Advocate
  • This conference has immediately inspired a change in career trajectory and lit a fire within me to learn how I can build and design patient-centered healthcare solutions.

    Matthew KreyGlaxoSmithKlein Future Leaders Program
  • Lots of new ideas, contacts, access...I feel so motivated to become a better communicator and advocate and researcher.

    Caroline Polak ScowcroftTropical North Queensland TAFE - Nursing
  • Best food at a conference. Ever.

    Margaret Polaneczky, MDAssociate Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • This was more than a conference. It was a convocation of folks who have diverse but common interests in advancing health care as a humanistic, inclusive, technology-infused, egalitarian process wherein the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Patricia Bach, RN, PsyDPresident, Psychologists in Long Term Care
  • Medicine X has changed how I view myself and healthcare forever!

    Jamia Crockett, MHAManager of Community Benefits, Mary Washington Healthcare
  • This is the best organized conference I've attended in my life!

    Francisco GrajalesDoctoral candidate, University of British Columbia
  • The conference was transformative, enlightening, hugely inspiring and more complete than I could have imagined.

    Jim Henning, MDFellow in Residence, HealthTap
  • I won't just take information, ideas and contacts away with me–we are sharing them all online!  I expect the new ideas and contacts fostered here will continue to grow and be nurtured long after Medicine X.

    Louise Schaper, PhDCEO, Health Informatics Society of Australia
  • It was absolutely thrilling to be there, I now want to work harder to make the world a better place. Very inspiring, especially learning directly from patients. Inspiration is mostly my take-home message.

    George Asimenos, PhDDirector of Science at DNAnexus
  • From the outside, #MedX can seem like a happy place where everyone agrees on the betterment of health care–but it thrives most with difficult topics and people who care enough to challenge the status quo.

    Nikki EstañolePatient
  • Stanford Medicine X is a meeting to attend if you want to see the possible future of health and health care: patients, clinicians, designers, policy makers, and business leaders all learning together. 

    Susannah FoxRobert Wood Johnson Foundation



Some of our speakers

Larry Chu, MD, MS

Associate Professor & Executive
Director, Medicine X, Stanford University


Peter Bach, MD

Director, Center for Health Policy
& Outcomes, Memorial Sloan Kettering 


Robert Pearl, MD

Executive Director & CEO,
The Permanente Medical Group 

Eric Topol, MD

Director & Chief Academic Officer, Scripps
Health & Translational Science Institute

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