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Back in December, I profiled artist and patient-rights advocate Regina Holliday. Today, I’m excited to present her newest work: Medicine X.

Holliday crafted the piece to reflect the core missions of the Medicine X conference: building better healthcare through thoughtful technological innovation and increased collaboration between doctors, researchers, designers and patients.

She explains:

To the left of this piece…people are pushing their rafts upon the rising water… Here we have doctors, techs, academics, vendors, designers and patients trying to find common ground. Each uses the pole in his hands to move forward in the water. As the pole crosses before his body each becomes the letter “X.”
We (the patients) are the X in Medicine X. We are the unknown part of the equation. We are the mysterious other that has not been applied to the solution. We are the files locked in a cabinet and dismissed as other or strange. We are the ever-arching story above and beyond the episode of care.

The artist will paint on site at Medicine X 2012, incorporating conference conversations into original works of art. We hope you’ll be there to contribute.


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