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Medicine X is a conference designed to engage all stakeholders to improve healthcare at the intersection of emerging technologies. The Stanford AIM lab has created a series of new technologies and online challenges designed to ignite interaction between guests using our unique QR-coded badges that are tied to our Medicine X website. In order to participate, all you need is a mobile device that can surf the web and read QR codes. Most smartphones (e.g. iPhone and Android) and tablet devices such as the iPad will work.

New Badges, New Ways to Connect

Our badges use a special type of computer bar code called a QR code. These codes make it easy for you to scan badges yourself with a smartphone device and quickly build a collection of contacts during the conference. More importantly, it will help you participate and engage in challenges designed to ignite interaction as part of our INTERACT! initiative. Here’s how it works:

Find the QR code on your new friend’s badge (it looks like this):

Use your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to take a scan of the QR code. This code then gets saved in your smartphone and you can collect the contacts to follow up after the conference is over! (We like RedLaser for iPhone app).

Using these unique interactive QR-coded badges, our guests will be able to engage in special onsite challenges and contests to compete for rewards that go beyond fostering new contacts and professional relationships. We look forward to announcing these challenges at the Medicine X conference.

Find new friends to meet!

As a guest registered to attend the conference at Stanford, you’ll be able to log onto the Medicine X website and view the attendee list in advance of the meeting. Don’t be shy! Now is your chance to let everyone know who you’re dying to meet. By adding people to your “Let’s Meet!” list, you’ll better your chances of making connections at the conference. Of course, you’ll also be able to see who’s looking forward to meeting you at Medicine X!

Your schedule for everyone to follow

With our new “My Schedule” feature, guests registered to attend the conference at Stanford will be able to add specific sessions to their personal schedule. When your friends and the people you would like to meet also add the same session, our mobile website will let you know so you can be on the look out to meet new friends.

Your badge is a book!

Our team at Stanford spent a long time rethinking the traditional conference badge. Open up your badge. It’s a book with loads of useful information! If you’re speaking at Medicine X this year, we’ve even personalized the inside of each badge with the time and location of your presentation. It has never been easier to find important information at your fingertips.

Social Media Tips for Medicine X

Twitter & Tweeting

We encourage the use of social media, particularly Twitter during the Stanford Medicine X. If you are new to Twitter, now is your chance to try it out for yourself! Find out more on our technology primer.

What is a Hash Tag?

Hash Tags in Twitter are a quick and fast way of labeling your tweet with a keyword or topic.

The official hashtag of Medicine X is #medx. Please use this hashtag in all of your tweets so people can easily find and follow your comments about the conference.

What’s a good way to view tweets by hash tags?

We like Tweetdeck, but there are lots of other great Twitter clients out there for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Respectful Discourse in Social Media

Stanford Medicine X is a venue that encourages vigorous and respectful debate and dialogue. Presenters will not be able to see Twitter streams during their talks.

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