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Medicine X is an open access conference. We believe in wide dissemination of the information presented at our conference, without barriers to access. Our Global Access program livestream was a very successful method to accomplish that goal. In an initiative we are calling First Look, we are proud to provide a second component after access: timely publication.

Rather than wait for us to edit the broadcast footage into individual speaker segments, we’ve decided to make all the raw unedited footage available to the public immediately as a First Look. The caveat is that the footage is unedited. However we believe the benefit of timely access to our livestream archive is of paramount importance and we hope you agree. Of course, the process of editing the footage into a finished product will take much more time, and we appreciate your patience while we work on that task.

In the meantime, below you can find links to each day of Medicine X as raw unedited footage:

  1. Medicine X – Day 1 | Medicine X – Day 1 Ernesto Ramirez Closing Keynote
  2. Medicine X – Day 2 | Michael Graves | Rhiju Das | Nate Gross | David Van Sickle | Sonny Vu | Anne Wojciki |
  3. Medicine X – Day 3

Please enjoy and do give us feedback on this new initiative.

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