Countdown to Medicine X l ED 2017! (April 22nd, 2017 @7AM PST)
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Step 1: Prepare your presentation

Medicine X l ED has many different presentation formats. Before you begin preparing your session, make sure to check the following:

  1. Check the schedule, when released, to confirm the time, place and location of your session.
  2. If you’re a Main Stage presenter or keynote, there are separate specific instructions for you on the email sent out.
  3. If you are scheduled to present in a breakout session anywhere else, make sure you follow the preparation steps outlined here.
  4. When you have finished preparing for your session, please make sure to send any slides or presentation material to by Friday, March 31 at 5pm PST.

Step 2: Go social

Medicine X l ED is the most-discussed academic health care conference in the world. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in social media to disseminate knowledge before, during and after the conference. Here are a few steps you can take to engage with social media:

  1. Obtain a Twitter account and learn how to use it.
  2. Share your Twitter account on your cover slide and use the hashtag #MedXEd for all of your conference-related tweets.
  3. Check out our suggestions for social media engagement contributed by ePatient Scholar Marie Ennis O’Connor outlined here.
  4. Make sure to let people know when you will be speaking and ask your followers to help you spread your data and message to the greater public. Ask your followers to follow hashtag #MedXEd before, during and after the conference.

Step 3: “Flip your presentation”

At Medicine X l ED, we strive for impactful presentations. We adore actions and abhor boring lectures. Medicine X l ED values problem solving, design thinking and innovative thinking followed by decision making. We urge our presenters to “flip” their presentation, which means minimizing presentation time and maximizing dialogue time. Use social media to have Med X l ED participants digest contents in advance and ask for their participation.

  1. Share what you’ve planned to say on the stage in bits and pieces with your community; whether that community is a virtual one that meets online or a physical community within your institution, the members of your community will give you invaluable feedbacks.
  2. Make an original hashtag and associate it with your presentation (e.g. #MedXsm).
  3. A few weeks before your presentation, post the main ideas from your presentation online and spark the conversation using your original hashtag.
  4. Now, your presentation at Stanford Medicine X l ED is not just another presentation at the most discussed health care conference; it is part of a longer conversation that isn’t confined to the conference weekend; it is a life-long presentation that represents you and your vision.
  5. Check out last year’s flipped panel: Communicating the experience of illness in the digital age by Pamela Ressler, Meredith Gould, Colleen Young, and Susannah Fox on storify.

Step 4: Promote your ideas

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” -Anatole France.


We chose you as one of our conference presenters this year, because we believe your vision and idea is fascinating. We strongly urge all presenters to utilize the high-quality videos of their talks that will be posted after the conference to promote themselves and their vision.

  • Post your Stanford Medicine X l ED video on your website and LinkedIn.
  • If your presentation was part of the research track, make sure to submit your paper for the Plos|One publication.

What's the Outreach of Your Presentation

Social media coverage of our conference at Stanford created over 190,000,000 impressions and reached over 5,500,000 individuals. Last year, we trended number one on Twitter during all three days of our conference. We also seek to create an enduring archive of high quality video coverage of our speakers that will be archived and available by open access through our Stanford social media channels.

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