Announcing the Jerry Matczak Everyone Included™ Inaugural Plenary Keynote Session

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Eli Lilly & Co. lead consultant Jerry Matczak, understood the power of social media and had the openness to listen and meaningfully engage with the activist patients he found there. He was an innovator focused on bringing clinical trials to people who may benefit from them and making clinical research better for all involved. His passions included user-centered design, the power of community, social media, and the fundamental belief that everyone has an important role to play in improving health care.

Jerry was an early supporter of Medicine X and our Everyone Included™ way of seeing the expertise all stakeholders bring to co-create solutions to health care problems. He described himself as a “respectful fan” of Medicine X and the ePatient movement.

Our goal in creating the Jerry Matczak Everyone Included™ Plenary Keynote Session in his name is to honor important discussions at Medicine X that raise awareness about Everyone Included™, user-centered design, the power of community, and social media as tools in advancing research, education and clinical care closer to the shared vision of the Medicine X community.

Matczak passed away suddenly earlier this year at age 54. Friends and supporters of Jerry have organized a social action campaign, #belikejerry, to support patient and caregiver partnership in health care. 

Reimagining the Clinical Trial: From researcher-centric to collaboration-centric | Sunday September 17, 2017, 8:40AM

The Jerry Matczak Everyone Included™ Inaugural Plenary Keynote session is part of the Stanford Medicine X conference, the most-discussed health care conference in the world. The conference takes place on the campus of Stanford University September 15-17, 2017. Registration is now open.

Traditional clinical research begins with investigator-initiated concepts that translate to patient participation at the bedside or in the clinic room. How might we shift our focus from the existing research model towards a more patient centric one? What shifts in ways of thinking and doing are needed to create opportunities for patients to meaningfully contribute their expertise in clinical trials? What opportunities and challenges exist on both sides, for patients and researchers, when we move to models that place collaboration and co-creation with patients at their center? In this keynote co-presentation,
Amy Price, PhD and CEO of Empower2Go and Jennifer Byrne, former CEO of PMG Research will take the stage to present perspectives on patient collaboration and partnership with researchers in clinical trials.


new_byrneJennifer Byrne is the Founder and Board Member of GGI, a 501 (c)3. To date, GG has been responsible for the donation of over 80,000 vaccines to children in need in developing countries in honor of clinical trial participants. 

Formerly, Jennifer was the Chief Executive Officer of PMG Research, Inc. (PMG) expanding it from its inception as a single center site to a vast network of integrated research site partnerships throughout the United States. During her 28 year tenure, Jennifer and her team transformed PMG into an industry market leader, conducting over 7,500 clinical trials with the inclusion of 150,000 trial participants across the development of hundreds of compounds and medical devices.

Jennifer is highly committed to building better bridges between patients, health care providers, and the life science community. Her guiding mission is to mainstream the transformation of clinical research as a care option for all patients; improving the delivery model of research and creating space to match the right trial, to the right patient, at the right time.


amy_priceAmy Price, PhD is a 2017 Medicine X ePatient Scholar in the Everyone Included Emerging Leaders track. She is a member of the BMJ Patient Panel and a director of the ThinkWell charity, where she leads the PLOT-IT (Public Led Online Trials-Infrastructure and Tools) project. Her institutional affiliation is the University of Oxford. Her goal is build clear channels to propel evidence into practice by supplying the public, and those in low resource areas, with tools to make evidence based health care choices. Responsible shared decision making requires access to standardized and accurate shared knowledge.

She and her team plan to engage, train, and empower the public to plan, prioritize, and take part in all aspects of research including the formation of online randomized controlled trials prioritized by the public and supported through expert methodological input. Her background in international relief work, clinical neurocognitive rehabilitation, service on the boards of multiple patient organizations, and as a trauma survivor has equipped her with the flexible mindset to relate to all stakeholders and cultures. Amy’s experience has shown her that shared knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence based research will shape and develop the future.

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