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Bill Simpson has an extensive background in psychology, mental health and clinical data analytics. He began academic life as an undergraduate researcher before he became a research assistant and then a Ph.D Candidate at McMaster University. He finished his dissertation looking at circadian rhythms, perinatal mood disorders and inflammation at the beginning of 2016. Always immersed in the world of data, he has managed data collection and analysis for industry sponsored clinical trials and large international cohort studies. He has 17 peer-reviewed publications covering a range of topics and speaks regularly at Canadian and other international conferences on the digital health revolution, machine learning and apps for mental health. He is currently the Director of Data Science at MEMOTEXT where he spends most of his time working on new algorithms and analytics strategies. He is also a Senior Research Associate at McMaster University where he works on clinical trials for ADHD, understanding if internet addiction is a thing and looking at how marijuana can impact mental health.


Industry: Technology

Main interest: making health data useful


Twitter: @billthedataguy


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