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Bonnie Feldman

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As chief collaboration officer at DrBonnie360 – Your Autoimmunity Connection, Bonnie’s mission is to collaborate with others in order to reimagine research, diagnosis, and treatment of all autoimmune diseases, as well as empower patients with the tools, coaching, and community to achieve their healthiest self. With her unique experiences as a healthcare provider, researcher, analyst, scientist, and patient, Bonnie is able to bridge diverse industries and help propel the growing convergence of science, tech, and patient demand towards individualized autoimmune care. At DrBonnie360, she consults with startup companies and entrepreneurs who are bringing new products and services that will improve all aspects of autoimmune care. In the past two years alone, Bonnie has interviewed 200+ start-up companies and attended 50+ digital health meetings on behalf of the 50M+ autoimmune patients around the world.

Title: CEO and Founder

Company/Affiliation: DrBonnie360 – Your Autoimmunity Connection

Industry: Health care

Interest: “All Things Autoimmune”

Twitter: @DrBonnie360



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