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Dr. Chandra Osborn is Vice President of Health and Behavioral Informatics at One Drop, Informed Data Systems Inc. Trained as a behavioral scientist and health services researcher, Dr. Osborn uses science to understand, predict, and promote diabetes self-care and health outcomes. With over 90 academic publications and 13 years of consecutive NIH funding, Dr. Osborn is an expert in health communication, health disparities, health behavior change, and leveraging patient portals, user-centered design, usability testing, and tailored digital programs to improve the health and wellness of people with diabetes. She comes to One Drop from Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she was Assistant Professor of Medicine & Biomedical Informatics and the Co-Director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Health Behavior and Health Education. She was also Co-President of the Behavioral Research in Diabetes Group Exchange, a member of the National Diabetes Education Program’s Medication Adherence Task Group, and Co-Chair of the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s Diabetes Special Interest Group. At One Drop, Dr. Osborn oversees all scientific activities, data analyses, and uses behavioral science to inform product design and data-driven insights.

Title: VP of Health & Behavioral Informatics

Company/Affiliation: Informed Data Systems, Inc.

Twitter: @chandraosborn


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