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Chris Feria

About Me

I became a designer in sort of a roundabout way. My two previous careers were a behavior therapist focused on research on children with disabilities and a Kindergarten teacher. Both of these jobs has shaped who I am as a designer today. I decided to use my design powers in the health industry, because I’ve always had this drive to do things that benefited others. When I’m not physically designing a product, I’m doing what I love most: interacting with people. The best part of my job is having conversations with patients. Getting to know their story and what I can do to alleviate some of their issues is what makes what I do exciting and fulfilling.

Title: UX/UI Designer

Company/Affiliation: Stanford Health Care

Industry: Health Tech

Interest: Health Tech, education, surfing, snowboarding, bboying (aka breakdancing), fitness, video games & eating amazing food.



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