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Dominique was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in Switzerland in 2006, aged ten. She underwent chemotherapy for nine consecutive months and a surgery to remove the tumour from her right tibia. Unbelievably, Dominique had a rare 100% removal rate of the tumour. However for the next ten years, Dominique suffered endless complications caused by her first surgery. These include rejection of a bone graft, a fibula-tibia transplant, multiple stress fractures and a serious bone infection. Most of these surgeries took place in Singapore, where Dominique’s family relocated after her cancer treatment in Switzerland. In 2013, Dominique was introduced to the Sarah Grace Sarcoma Foundation, and shortly after was given the title of Youth Ambassador. This role helped Dominique fully accept her condition and thrive to help other people in the same situation. After graduating from high school in 2014, Dominique moved to Melbourne, Australia, to continue her studies at a university level. Within a few months, she established her own foundation, Crutch4Sarcoma, with the primary purpose of educating teenagers and young adults about sarcoma. Currently, Dominique is focusing on raising awareness through inspirational speaking. Within the past year, she has spoken at Tanglin Trust School (Singapore), Australian International School (Singapore), United World College of South East Asia (Singapore), Canadian International School (Singapore), the International Baccalaureate World Student Conference (Switzerland) and the University of Melbourne (Australia). Through her own journey, Dominique has learnt to accept the cards she’s been dealt in life, to grow her confidence through sharing her story and to love herself despite the many ‘scars’ cancer has left her with. Among other things, Dominique aspires to spread body image positivity, self love and acceptance amongst the youth of today. In particular, she aims to highlight the unrealistic expectations created by social media and the beauty of imperfection.

Title: Founder of Crutch4Sarcoma

Company/Affiliation: Crutch4Sarcoma

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