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Elizabeth Turcotte

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Elizabeth Turcotte is a design thinker and marketer with fifteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In her current role as the Director of the Patient Hub at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Elizabeth is responsible for patient experience across the enterprise. She has developed design-based organizational capabilities that allow the company to innovate its patient offerings with a human-centered lens. Her team’s flagship capability is the Universal Patient Language (UPL) — a set of resources that support communicating complex topics to patients. The UPL is derived from hundreds of hours co-creating and prototyping with patients, and has been made available as an open-source capability on UPL.org.

Title: Director, Patient Hub; UPL Lead

Company/Affiliation: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Industry: Pharma

Interest: Patient Experience Patient Engagement Health Literacy Service Design

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