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Born and raised in Sweden, with a younger brother. After spending some time in Connecticut in High School (Enfield) and working (Westport) he went back to Europe at 22 to become a Red Cross nurse which he did in Stockholm and Madrid. Working in Stockholm with mentally ill criminal patients he developed a website to recruit nurses. Building of the website gave him a new network and a new career opportunity and went on to be a Webmaster at one of the hospitals in Stockholm. Relocated to Bangkok, Thailand in 2006 where he was head of International Business at Phyathai Hospital Group. 2010-2012 he built collaborative projects with public hospitals and pharmaceutical companies for the benefit of patients in South East Asia. 2008 he and his wife had their first baby, a son named Ludvig. The same year he qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and became an Ironman for the first time in 2010. In 2011 their second child, Nova, was born and the family moved back to Sweden later in the same year. Soon thereafter he joined Karolinska University Hospital, Theme Cancer and the center of Innovation.

Title: Business Developer Innovation

Company/Affiliation: Karolinska University Hospital

Interest: Innovation, Healthcare, Blockchain, Data analysis, The Outdoors, Cycling, Fitness, Books

Industry: Healthcare

Twitter: @frohrn



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