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Geri oversaw the creation of a large library of interactive patient engagement multimedia programs and interactive voice response calls that are used by hundreds of hospitals and health plans. She partners with physicians and academics at organizations like Dartmouth Medical Center, Northwestern, and the Cleveland Clinic to conduct research on patient and clinician engagement, behavior change, patient concerns, an well as engagement and retention.

She recently authored a chapter in Transformative Healthcare Practice through Patient Engagement (IGI Global). She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Patient Experience, a regular contributor to the Association for Patient Experience, and is working with to organize a summit on Family Caregiving and the Workplace.


She frequently participates in patient engagement, patient experience, family caregiver, shared decision making, and health design and innovation conferences and panels for organizations like the Brookings Institute, AHRQ, the Institute for Healthcare Advancement, the Cleveland Clinic, the Beryl Institute, the Society for Medical Decision Making, Stanford Medicine X, and the Health Sector Advisory Council and the Collaborative on Healthcare for Aging Populations and Advanced Illness at the Duke Fuqua School of Business. She regularly teaches and guest lectures at Northwestern, Duke, and DePaul.

Title: Executive Director of Patient Engagement

Company/Affiliation: Emmi

Interest: patient engagement, health literacy, health communication, informed consent, patient experience, shared decision making,

Twitter: @GeriLynn




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