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Jasmine Sturr

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At the age of 22, I have done many things in my short life. I am a college grad with a B.S. in Chemistry, I am a future pharmacology graduate student, and I have had Parkinson’s disease for the past 8 years.

I was 14 when the disease hit me and the following year I discovered my passion for chemistry. As my physical health declined and I spent more and more time in the hospital, my interest in science and desire to take my health into my own hands grew. I take pride in coming up with solutions to my complex health care needs by bringing the latest scientific research with me to my appointments, as well as sharing that knowledge with the PD community in layman’s terms so we can all be educated patients. I do so via social media and my youtube channel.

I have always said that my Parkinson’s is an over-achiever. It has continued to break the rules, progressing faster than anyone expected and I have developed the rare and life threatening complication of gastroparesis and digestive tract paralysis. I have a feeding tube for medication and a central line for TPN, which is intravenous nutrition. Frustrated with the lack of medical options for me, I keep finding new ways to challenge the status quo by bringing in some innovation and science to secure my quality of life and the future ahead of me following my passion for medical research and the patient community.


Interest: patient science, chemistry, pharmacology, patient advocacy, doctor-patient collaboration

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKHsWQgQIap_kViKrOxdwQ

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