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Jon Michaeli

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As EVP Marketing and Business Development for Medisafe, Jon is responsible for consumer growth and adoption, strategic partnerships, and commercialization through industry stakeholders such as biopharma, life sciences, and consumer hardware and medication packaging companies. Jon unites 20 years of experience in digital consumer behaviors and psychologies and a keen understanding of market dynamics to develop and evolve innovative new healthcare products. Prior to Medisafe, Jon led Sermo, the pioneer of physician social networking, to 40% market penetration and prepared the service for global expansion after managing through an acquisition by WorldOne, a leader in global healthcare market research. Jon holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University and an MBA from UCLA’sAnderson School.

Title: EVP Marketing and Business Development

Company/Affiliation: Medisafe

Industry: Health Technology

Twitter: @Medisafe


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