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Lori Casselman is Chief Health Officer at League Inc. League is a new digital health benefits and wellness platform that is transforming the corporate benefits landscape by empowering employees to live their best life. Lori has 20 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industries, and joined League most recently from Sun Life Financial, where she held several executive roles in the Group Benefits organization.

Lori holds accountability for League’s health focus, including the management of a unique health provider network and e-commerce marketplace, as well as an innovative suite of corporate and consumer health initiatives. Lori has been a long-standing industry advocate for a multi-disciplinary, prevention-based approach to organizational and employee health – from prevention to disability management.

Prior to her tenure with Sun Life, Lori was an executive with Buffett & Company, one of Canada’s first digital health and wellness businesses.

Lori has a BA in Kinesiology, a BSc in Nutrition, an MSc in Exercise Physiology, and has completed the Ivey Executive Leadership program. She has held positions on the advisory boards of the Health, Work & Wellness Conference, the Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare Survey, and Get Active Toronto.

Title: Chief Health Officer

Company/Affiliation: League Inc

Twitter: @LoriCasselman

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