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Phylene Wiggins

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Phylene Wiggins is the Director of the Santa Barbara Foundation’s Community Caregiving Initiative—a foundation-sponsored countywide effort to strengthen the healthcare safety net by addressing the needs of family caregivers and aligning the “systems” they navigate. The vision of the Community Caregiving Initiative is to harness the collective power of individual and community resources to provide care for an aging population. The initiative counts over 20 community partners in its network, including hospitals, healthcare systems, social service providers and educational institutions. Serving in various community roles at the Santa Barbara Foundation since 2004, Phylene has deep knowledge and expertise in the fields of health and human services. She is a member of the Santa Barbara County’s Adult and Aging Network, the City of Carpinteria’s CDBG Committee, and the Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County Continuum of Care (CoC) where she currently serves on the Rank and Review Committee. Prior to her employment at the foundation, Phylene was a banking executive and leader in the field of human resources, working on employment policy issues at the state and national levels and educating various audiences about the importance of strong HR practices. Phylene has a deep concern for the human condition and has created numerous programs to expand and diversify the professional and skilled workforce.

Title: Sr. Director of Community Investments

Company/Affiliation: Santa Barbara Foundation

Industry: Philanthropy


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