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Dr. Qian Hu, Chief Scientist of Speech Technologies and Senior Principal Artificial Intelligence Scientist, is principal investigator of several MITRE research projects including Mining Biological Cues from PTSD Interview Recordings since 2015, Audio Hot Spotting since 2001, Multi-modal Medical Data Capture and Representation since 2007, Live Hot Spotting of Voice over Internet Protocol since 2008, Intelligent UAS Situation Awareness and Information Delivery since 2009, Biometrics-Based User Authentication on Mobile Devices since 2012, and Mining Biological Cues from PTSD Interview Recordings since 2015. Her research areas ranges from speech and natural language processing technologies including automatic speech recognition, speaker and language identification, audio and prosodic feature extraction, audio-specific query language, multimedia information retrieval and multimodal medical data capture and representation, combination of speech technology and artificial intelligence and its applications to voice biometrics for authentication on mobile devices. Dr. Hu has published papers and book chapters, and made conference presentations on speech technology, multimedia information retrieval, first and second language acquisition, and digital avionics. Dr. Hu is the principal investigator for the US patents 767188 and 7953751 “System and Method for Audio Hot Spotting” and a US patent pending “System and Method for Biometrics-Based User Authentication via Voice”. Her research and innovation was recognized with the company’s highest Innovation Award in 2005. Dr. Hu was the recipient of Research Leadership Award of 2011 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Conference. In 2015 her research in Voice Authentication with Liveness and Playback Detection was one of the finalists for the 2015 Igniting Innovation Award and R&D 100 Magazine.

Title: Chief Scientist of Speech Technology

Company/Affiliation: MITRE

Industry: FFRDC

InterestSpeech Technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predicative analytics for PTSD high risk factors detection and diagnosis

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