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Ranndy Kellogg assumed the role of president and CEO of Omron Healthcare, Inc. in 2016 after more than a decade with the company. Prior to assuming his current position, he held roles in marketing and sales and, as COO, led the initiative to transform Omron into a more digitally-focused company. Prior to his work at Omron, Ranndy served as Vice President and Director of Marketing for Baxter Healthcare and as Group Marketing Manager at CR Bard.

As president & CEO, Ranndy is responsible for Omron Healthcare operations across the U.S., Canada and Latin America. A passionate advocate for heart health, Kellogg leads the company’s effort to deliver intuitive, patient-first heart health technology.

Ranndy spearheads Omron’s bold mission of “Going for Zero” – the effort to eliminate heart attack and stroke. The commitment to Going for Zero is reflected in the company’s focus on groundbreaking connected technologies that encourage and enable heart healthy behaviors. Omron’s latest, clinically accurate blood pressure monitors, spotlighted in consecutive years at the Consumer Electronics Show, are unprecedented in terms of portability, convenience and connectivity. The company’s developments also include apps and associated API that allow for tracking and sharing of important health data between patients and caregivers.

Under Ranndy’s leadership, Omron also has undertaken a national education campaign on heart health, and is collaborating with like-minded partners to forward the goal of zero heart attacks and strokes. One such partner is HealthCorps, a non-profit that promotes health and wellness in our nation’s youth. Omron was honored for its contributions to that objective in 2016 and HealthCorps founders Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz named Mr. Kellogg to the organization’s board of directors in spring of that year.

Ranndy Kellogg holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He lives in Lakemoor, Illinois.

To learn more about Omron and the Going for Zero mission please visit OmronHealthcare.com/zero

Title: President & CEO

Company/Affiliation: Omron Healthcare

Industry: Medical Devices

Twitter: @ranndywithtwons

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranndykellogg/

Website: https://omronhealthcare.com/

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