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Sangeeta Agarawal is a true holistic nurse, engineer, and entrepreneur – she strives to bridge the gap in healthcare by leveraging the best of eastern and western medicine and educate her patients on leveraging technology to empower themselves. She is currently CEO and Founder of Helpsy, a company providing cancer survivors quick and easy access to healthcare practitioners from all healing modalities. Prior to her current life as an entrepreneur, Sangeeta was a Clinical Ayurveda specialist, a registered nurse, researcher, author, and computer scientist. She was an oncology nurse at The Mayo Clinic, Stanford Hospital, and UCSF Hospital and a Clinical co-ordinator at UCSF, in-charge of an NIH-funded study which looked at the use of Ayurveda in improving the quality of life of cancer survivors. She was the founder and practitioner at My Holistic Nurse, a low cost Holistic Clinic serving the Bay Area. She has served numerous leadership positions with the Association for Ayurvedic Practitioners in North American, American Holistic Nurses Association, and the Oncology Nursing Society. She has co-authored several papers in Integrative Oncology and has been an invited speaker at national conferences. She has conducted education events for patients and health care providers at leading organizations and enjoys a huge following on Facebook and Twitter. Prior to entering healthcare, Sangeeta led a successful startup and worked as a computer scientist at multinational organizations including IBM and Motorola.

Title: CEO and Founder

Company/Affiliation: Helpsy Health

Industry: Digital Health

Interest: Symptom management, oncology, nursing, digital health tech, entrepreneurship, patient engagement

Twitter: @sanHelpsy



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