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Scooter graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in Neuroscience, Latin American Studies, and Geography following which he pursued a Masters in Diagnostic Imaging from Oxford University as a Clarendon Scholar. During medical school at the University of Kansas, he worked as a fellow for the Institute of Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI) where he forged an interest in the business of medicine and science of healthcare delivery. This led him to pursue an MBA from the University of Kansas and subsequently a Masters in Health Services Administration. He completed his clinical internship in Utah at the Intermountain Medical Center. Prior to coming to Stanford he completed the first year of residency in radiology at the Mayo Clinic. He recently began work as the Medical Director for Proteus Digital Health here in the Bay Area. Scooter is passionate about harnessing mobile technology to develop safer, cheaper, more accessible care delivery models, believing integrated health systems are ideally positioned to implement digital health technology. He is enamored by his talented wife Jessica and four convivial kiddos.

Title: CERC Deisgn and Innovation Fellow

Company/Affiliation: Stanford University Medical Center


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