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Silvia Lizett Olivares Olivares has PhD in Educational Innovation by Tecnológico de Monterrey and serves as Associate Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the same institution. Her professional trajectory is related to roles as researcher, leader and teacher in academic environments inside and outside the institution. The areas in which it stands out are associated with the topics of educational innovation, medical education, and quality models.

She is member of the National System of Researchers (SNI, for its acronym in Spanish) Level 1. She collaborates in the Group of Research and Innovation in Education. She is member of the National Academy of Medical Education (ACANEM, for its acronym in Spanish). She has received international honors such as the Honorable Mention at the Ted Freeman Award in Canada, shortlisted three times at Reimagine Education QS Awards, among others.

She is creator of the Incremental Quality Model for Medical Schools. Author of 5 book chapters with the publisher IGI Global and Cengage. Currently, is in press the book Patient Centered Learning: Four Perspectives for an integral approach with the Panamerican Medical Publishing House, where she participates as the director of the book. In the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of Tecnológico de Monterrey, she leads the efforts to redesign the 2019 curricula, the innovation and academic quality of the programs, the implementation of the Tec21 Educational Model and the optimization of educational programs to guarantee a transformational training and experience of students. At an institutional level, she participates in the Academic Aspects of Health Team, the Professional Academic Council and the Academic Postgraduate and Research Commission, among others As an educator, she participates in the cloisters of the programs of Master in Education, Masters in Quality and Productivity and Residence in Quality of Clinical Care. She has participated in the UNAM-ITESM-UASLP Consortium as part of the Centennial Awards initiative of the National Board of Medical Examiners. She has organized national meetings of the National Academy of Medical Education and the Mexican Association of Faculties of Medical Schools (AMFEM, for its acronym in Spanish) She is a Member of the Latin American Association of Clinical Simulation (ALASIC), Representative to the National LCI (Learning Communities Institute) Research Network, and Collaborator of International Development Group at U21 Health Sciences Mexico. She is Judge of Reimagine Education Qs Awards. She is a senior evaluator of the Nuevo León Competitiveness Award, where she participates as an instructor, team coordinator and member of the senior committee for recognition and awards of the participating institutions.

Title: Academic Dean

Affiliation: Tecnologico de Monterrey, School of Medicine and Health Sciences

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