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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to a family of musicians, Vania was introduced to various rhythms of music and dance very early. At age 10 she faced a major childhood trauma that almost took her life. Her childhood involvement with dance brought her empowerment, joy and the strength she needed to overcome her life challenges and all obstacles. Vania moved from Brazil to California and in 2006 while a performing arts teacher with the Oakland Unified School District, developed Dancin Power, a nonprofit organization that helps children who suffer trauma, just like she did as a child. Dancin Power gives hospitalized kids an outlet to express themselves and by doing so help reduce PTSD often caused by hospitalization, with that improves hospitalized children their quality of life. Dancin Power brings children and families together with joy, laughter, and most importantly, it reminds kids that even though they are sick and in a hospital room, they are still kids and have the right to be happy!

Title: Founder

Company/Affiliation: Dancin Power

Industry: Nonprofit

Interest: Arts in Health – Children’s Health – Arts – Dance – Music – Movement – Improvement of Quality of Life – Bedside activities – Adaptation and Accommodation

Twitter: @DancinPower


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