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By the end of last year’s Medicine X conference, I had lost my voice.

An amazing, dedicated, but very small staff of young people work together with me each year to make the magic of Medicine X happen. Too many late nights and too little sleep had taken their toll on me. On Saturday September 29th, I was busy trying to help our engineers figure out why some of the main stage lights were flickering (turned out it was interference from additional wifi nodes we had installed to boost connectivity for the hundreds of laptops and iPads in use). We were deep in conversation when a flash of crimson appeared on the main stage.

It was Regina Holliday.

I had asked Regina to take the stage to explain her work and her role as artist-in-residence at Stanford Medicine X. I stood at the edge of the room enthralled with her presentation and emotionally connected to Regina’s story and the motivation and meaning of her work. You could have heard a pin drop.

Even though my voice was failing, I was so proud that Regina was able to lend her’s to explain not only her work, but the work and mission of Medicine X. Later that day, I wrote my staff a short email, reprinted below:

From: Larry Chu
To: Stanford Medicine X Staff
Re: Why we do what we do.


Thanks for all your hard work on Medicine X. I know sometimes when we are so tired and cranky and sick, we might wonder why we are dedicating ourselves so passionately to this conference.
Watch this:


I’m so proud to share with you Regina’s newest work, her conference painting for Stanford Medicine X 2013: Such as These.

Regina has published an artist’s statement about this new work for Medicine X, and I encourage everyone to visit her blog to understand her remarkable vision. She titled her statement, Keeping it real.

In her honor, I am doing the same.

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  • Roger Gietzen MD

    Inspring! It sounds like you have a great program. You might be interested in Dr. Topol’s work, in Southern Cal, on the same topic.

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