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Japanese firm I’rom Group joins Medicine X’s precision medicine efforts

Stanford Medicine X is proud to be working on important issues at the intersection of emerging technology and medicine, such as precision medicine. Collaborations between all health care stakeholders is central to finding new cures, improving treatment for chronic conditions, prevention care and promoting wellness.

Regenerative medicine and gene therapy are complementary to the data-driven approach of precision medicine, and may be central to finding cures for genetic diseases. In order to explore the impact of these technologies, Medicine X is collaborating with global leaders from all sectors of health care.

Irom copy
Dr. Larry Chu and Mr. Toyotaka Mori, President & CEO of I'rom Group Co. Ltd

We are pleased to announce that Medicine X will be pursuing interactions with experts from I’rom Group, a regenerative medicine firm, to understand how such technology and gene therapy can fill gaps in the current market. This partnership will also engage patients and technologists to shape the future of regenerative medicine and gene therapy using patient-generated data and genomic information.

About ID Pharma

ID Pharma, I’rom Group’s subsidiary, utilizes deficient Sendai virus vectors (SeV vector) based on a novel cytoplasmic RNA vector. ID Pharma has successfully introduced the SeV vector to clinical trials. It has a wide range of applications including gene therapy, gene vaccines, therapeutic antibody production, gene function analysis, and recombinant protein production. With this vector, I’rom Group aims to bring a vital new approach to the treatment of incurable diseases.

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  • Archana Baikadi

    This really good. Exciting!!

  • Asiya Subani

    Improving technological methods in medicine and working on them is a wonderful step for future…Keep up the good work…

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