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Chad Ellimoottil

About Me

Chad Ellimoottil is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Northwestern University, Dr. Ellimoottil worked at the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. He subsequently completed medical school and urology residency at Loyola University Medical Center. During his residency, he completed a master’s degree in Health and Healthcare Research through the Rackham Graduate School at University of Michigan. He is currently a practicing physician at the University of Michigan, the Director of Analytics for the Michigan Value Collaborative and the Director of Connect-M (the Urology Department’s telemedicine program).  Dr. Ellimoottil’s research agenda is focused on evaluating alternative payment models, including episode-based bundled payments.

Title: Assistant Professor 

Company/Affiliation: University of Michigan

Interest: Advanced prostate cancer detection techniques, BPH and kidney stones

Twitter: @ConnectMUro

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